How Team iSwitch Will Be Celebrating Christmas This Year

How Team iSwitch Will Be Celebrating Christmas This Year

This year, Christmas is going to feel a little different. Nevertheless, we can still have a jolly good time! We checked in with Team iSwitch to see how they will be celebrating and what extra precautions they will be taking to stay safe. From connecting with family over Zoom to enjoying home-cooked food, here’s how you can make your Christmas special.

Connect with family digitally

Our Assistant Sales Manager, Jovan shares what his favourite thing about Christmas is and how he will be connecting over zoom with his family abroad.

“Normally my family celebrates Christmas in the states with my wife’s family but this year we will be at home connecting with family abroad digitally. Our Christmas tradition has always been the same; tree shopping at far-east-flora on the 4th weekend of Nov and hand-make at least one Christmas ornament for the tree.

My favourite memory from Christmas is the first time when I was still doing long-distance relationship with my wife, I flew 20 hours and took a 2 hours car ride to reach her family. By the time I was there I was hungry and tired, my father-in-law made me a beautiful bowl of Borscht. Since then, it has become our tradition every year to have the traditional Ukrainian Borscht on Xmas!

This year I want to ensure my family is safe; remember to love your family as yourself, do the necessary to keep them safe.”


Decorate your home to the max

iSwitch Marketing Manager, Liz shared how she decorated her home to get in the Christmas spirit!

“Christmas is normally the one time a year I fly back to the UK to be with my family but with the pandemic I am not able to join them this year. So I made an extra effort to decorate my house! I put my Christmas tree up in the beginning of November! I have gold and red theme decorations and fairy lights outside. I even handcrafted my own Christmas wreath!

This year I will be with my friends for a Christmas lunch eating turkey with all the trimmings; ‘all the trimmings’ means gravy, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, sprouts, roast potatoes, peas, stuffing and bacon-wrapped sausages. Served with cranberry sauce and bread sauce. Basically an overload of food (and champagne)!



With the covid precautions, it is necessary to wear a mask at all times so on Christmas Day I am going to wear a snowflake-themed mask – I can still be safe and feel festive!”

Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

Our Customer Service Manager, Clifton is going to be busy with a movie marathon. Check out his cute dog all dressed up!

“This Christmas I will be at home enjoying a home-cook dinner with family. We will likely play some board games through the night and have a Christmas Movie Marathon. My favourite movie is Home Alone! Macaulay Culkin in the house! Of course “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Jim Carrey too.

I decorated my home with a mini Christmas tree from miniso that already includes ornaments as well as blinking lights. It’s always a joy fixing the Christmas tree up to signal ‘X’mas is coming!’ Goes without saying that Christmas tunes/jingles will be played on a loop around the house!

My favourite memory Visiting Orchard Road and looking at the Christmas lights with my family. During this time of the year, the whole area will be packed with beautiful Christmas Decorations and you must definitely head to Tanglin Mall to play with fresh ‘snow’.

Remember to keep to 5 pax and mask up everywhere we go! We spread festive cheer, not COVID!”

Enjoy every moment with family

iSwitch Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew shares with us some of his Christmas traditions and how he celebrates with his family.

“Yes! each year we decorate, we buy a Xmas tree and decorate it. It then sheds its leaves all over the house and gets quite messy! But it smells great. We usually go to church on Xmas Day and then have lunch with a big ham with all the trimmings. Usually takes a few days for my body to recover fully from the whole event! However this year will be much quieter as we cannot travel back to Australia and people won’t be visiting us, which is sad.

I basically get to celebrate twice because we celebrate Ukrainian Catholic Xmas on 7 January as well, so by the time I recover from the 25th, I have to do it all again but with plenty of herrings, vodka and borsch! I make sure to have 100 Plus on hand for the difficult days.

My favourite memory from Christmas is being young and not having to be the one preparing everything. Instead, we would all just turn up and our parents would do it all. How things have changed!”

Take time to reflect and plan for next year

Our Martech Specialist, Celest reminds us how important it is to contemplate and create new goals for the coming year.

“As I approach the end of the year, I often feel a sense of both relief and nostalgia. I get into the mood of feeling festive, 1 of my favourite activities is planning a small home party and preparing gifts for all my loved ones. At the same time, I like to take some time to reflect on the good and bad that happened in the year. This helps me to focus and move into the new year with positive energy and new goals.

I absolutely decorate! I’m always excited to decorate for Christmas, it creates a cozy and festive ambiance for the family to relax and celebrate. Each year I decide on a colour theme then I will check what ornaments can be reused from the past years. We do want to practice some recycling efforts in our daily lives. We’re going for the red and gold theme to create extra warmth this year. My 1-year-old daughter was extremely excited and kept saying ‘Wow…’ at different corners of the house, that really made my day.


My best memories are decorating a huge Christmas tree as a kid and being in awe of the beautiful Christmas lights along Orchard Rd growing up. The other best memories were being merry and bright, having a lot of fun being in the cold in the bustling cities of Japan and Hong Kong the previous years.

I will be practicing social responsibility and staying home if we are sick. In addition, we appreciate it if visitors let us know if they feel unwell, it will be better to reschedule the celebration. Other tips are sanitizing the common areas at home regularly and always use personal utensils and serving utensils separately, avoid sharing food to prevent the spreading of virus.”

Do some Christmas baking

Summer, our HR Assistant Manager will attempt to make some delicious Christmas cookies.

 “For this year’s celebration, I would be staying in my new cosy home and TRY to bake a few yummy (taste is subjective) dishes with my new husband (still fresh). We’ll put on some nice Christmas songs and sip some good wine to spend the Christmas night together.


 A ‘must-play’ movie of the season every year is “Love Actually”. Despite its naivety, this is one of the most beautiful and heart-warming movies that leave me smiling at the end of the movie.

 One of the most memorable Christmas I had was when my nephews had their first Christmas tree, and they went crazy over the lights and decorations! The ornament survived for less than a day and the tree itself 2 weeks (not so bad for 3 boys) :X

 Instead of a big celebration, this year we are constricted to smaller and cosier pax, which isn’t a bad thing. It allows us to spend more quality time with our loved ones and in the worst-case scenario, it allows us to ‘limit’ the exposure. We will definitely be providing personal and serving utensils for guests and advise them to stay home if they’re feeling unwell for precautionary purposes.”

We hope some of these stories have inspired you! If you haven’t already decorated your home be sure to check out our eco-friendly Christmas decorating guide.

 From all of us at Team iSwitch, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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