How Businesses Today Can Combat Climate Change

How Businesses Today Can Combat Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world and its devastating effects include an increase in global temperatures, higher instances of droughts and heatwaves as well as a rising sea level.

This would not only damage our natural environment but harm populations and disrupt the economies of both developing and developed countries.

While every individual has a part to play with the way we live and consume in today’s modern world, the main brunt of the responsibility lies with companies and organisations that could drive the most impact.

Companies should rise to the challenge and become leaders in their own sector to champion climate action that would not only help the environment but also benefit their own brand image and influence their followers and customers to join in the fight as well!

Here are 6 ways corporations and businesses can lead the charge and make a lasting difference against climate change in their everyday operations.

1) Measure Your Organisation’s Energy Usage & Carbon Emission Levels

What gets measured improves. 

Until you truly know how much energy your organisation uses on a daily basis, it will be hard to make any meaningful change or calculate the amount of greenhouse gas your business is responsible for.

One great way is to measure the usage both internally through a dedicated department or executive plus engaging a credible third party energy auditor that will accurately measure and report your energy usage.

In addition, you will also understand more about your company’s energy use and formulate business strategies to capitalise on high energy usage timings or reduce your expenses during slower periods.

Measure Your Organisation’s Energy Usage & Carbon Emission Levels

2) Utilise Energy-efficient Appliances & Machinery

Where possible, choose to opt for energy-efficient appliances and machinery for your company’s daily operations. 

This can be as simple as changing all your lightings in your office & common areas to LED bulbs and purchase energy-efficient air-conditioning and refrigerators.

If you are running an energy-intensive business such as a manufacturing plant, there are many components you can optimize including your air compressors, thermostats and HVAC systems to ensure efficient energy performance on your production floor.


3) Embrace Data & Smart Technology

While it will take some time for your company to fully draw up a climate action plan, an immediate solution is to analyse the data from your energy audits and understand the most inefficient periods of your energy use.

Installing smart LED bulbs, smart plugs and connecting them to a central database and control point would allow for convenient centralized management of the power plus automatic scheduling of turning-on and off of your electricity needs.

This isn’t just restricted to energy use but also extends to your supply chain and transportation habits of your companies. Installing smart devices that monitor the mileage and fuel usage, can help you to chart better transportation routes for fuel (and carbon emissions) savings.

4) Supplement Your Energy Needs WIth Renewable Energy Sources

Depending on your business type, there are many ways to begin the transition to renewable energy sources. The energy you buy from electricity retailers or the power grid will mostly have a large component being generated from fossil fuels and that means carbon emissions.

The most common type of renewable energy source every company can easily leverage on is solar panels. 

These can be easily installed on your company premises (from carparks to rooftops and balconies) and will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lower your electricity bills in a time of rising energy cost.

5) Create A Corporate Directive Across The Company

While you can invest in energy-saving initiatives, it will eventually come down to the employee on the ground that will implement it.

Set aside some time once a quarter or even monthly meetings to discuss how every level, from the management down, can contribute to fighting climate change.

This can be as simple as incentivizing departments on monitoring and reducing their energy usage with monetary rewards and taking your team out to climate change conventions to help them understand their role and the impact it can have.

Green Corporate Directive Across The Company

6) Choose & Support Environmentally Conscious Vendors & Suppliers

One great way for your company to make a network effect with your green initiatives is to work with organisations that share your same values too.

One great way is to use local suppliers and small businesses. that provide you physical goods to cut back on shipping and fuel costs of logistics.

Equip Your Organisation To Fight Against Climate Change

Going green and environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, one way to do this on auto-pilot is to opt for carbon-neutral electricity supply.

At iSwitch, we are a strategic partner of Eco-Business’s Changing Course 2019 Exhibit, helping to raise awareness on the world’s climate crisis. As part of our commitment to fighting climate change, we offer 100% carbon neutral electricity plans for businesses across Singapore. 

Organisations like Hotel Vagabond have benefited from our electricity plans by becoming 100% carbon neutral in their energy usage while creating environmental milestones for Singapore’s hospitality industry. Click here to learn more about other companies implementing green energy. 

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