How Small Businesses In Singapore Can Save On Their Electricity Costs

How Small Businesses In Singapore Can Save On Their Electricity Costs

Over 4 out of 10 Singapore households have switched to an electricity retailer since the launch of the Open Electricity Market – that means incredible savings off their monthly electric bill!

If you are running a small or medium enterprise (SME) business, you can also capitalise on these savings to help your operational cost as well when you switch from SP Services to an electricity retailer like iSwitch!

Running a cafe, bookstore, restaurant or a traditional office studio? You have the flexibility to select an electricity plan that will help you maximise your savings according to your unique energy requirements for your business.

At iSwitch, we have helped over 3,000 SMEs and corporations across various industries save on their electricity bill with plans that are tailored for each of their operational needs.

In this article, we will go through why switching to an electricity retailer is a great move for your small business!

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Switch To An Electricity Retailer

1. Enjoy Savings Off Your Electricity Bill

While this might be the most obvious benefit, many small businesses might not know the extent of how much savings they can enjoy when it comes to their energy usage.

In fact, if you are running a cafe or a restaurant, your electricity bill will make up a significant portion of your operational cost – from refrigeration to cooking, this is one type of expenditure you must incur, so the only way to benefit is to save from it! If you are running an office, your air conditioning is probably turned on at least 9 hours a day to keep your staff nice and comfortable – yet another expense you can save on!

At iSwitch, you can enjoy up to 25% off your electricity bill, which means more money in your pocket!

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2. Enjoy Lower Deposit 

When you switch to an electricity retailer like iSwitch, you only have to pay up to 2 months security deposit when paying by AXS or cheque – this allows your business to lock-up less cash which you can then use to fund your business operations or to buy new equipment or hire more staff. That’s a win-win proposition! In fact, it gets better.

If you pay by GIRO, you will only have to pay a security deposit of 1.5 months bill equivalent, allowing you to reduce forking out more up-front cash!

3. Enjoy Green Electricity (At No Additional Cost)

At iSwitch, we believe in not only saving the environment through corporate initiatives, we also actively do it with our green electricity supply to both our residential and commercial customers. 

With our iSwitch2Green scheme, small businesses can enjoy carbon-neutral electricity supply to their business at no additional cost while still enjoying discounts at the same time!

By purchasing UN Certified Carbon Credits on your behalf, we will help offset your carbon emissions footprint that comes from your business’s electricity use. With iSwitch, you will be doing your part for the environment, completely hassle-free!

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4. Flexible Contracts & Online Account Management At Your Fingertips

Running a small business can be stressful and volatile, that is why we aim to make switching easier with our range of flexible contracts that stretch up to 24 months!

Whether you are looking to just give us a try or lock-in significant savings for a long time to come, our price plans are flexible and will be suitable for your unique business needs.

In addition, with our mobile app and online portal, you get to enjoy a whole host of benefits that include:

  • Review your consumption trends to help you monitor your electricity usage. 
  • Review your historical bills and download your monthly bills easily. 

The 2 Price Plans You Need To Know

But before you switch, here is a quick rundown of the two price plans you can opt for.

The Fixed Rate Plan – Essentially you will be paying a fixed rate for your electricity supply. That means you will be in full control of your electricity bill and this will be great if budgeting is very important to your business. If you need to save more, just cut down on your electricity usage.

The Discount Off Tariff Plan – With this plan, you will enjoy a fixed percentage discount off the regulated tariff. This is great if budgeting isn’t that important for your business and you would like to enjoy a significant discount no matter how high or low the regulated tariff changes.


Save On Your Electricity Cost With iSwitch Today

Running a business can be tough and things might get unstable at times, but what you can count on is enjoying significant savings on your electricity bill! 

You can learn more about our electricity plans and sign-up online here!

Need some questions answered or want us to guide you through the sign-up process? 

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