How The OEM Is Benefiting Singaporean Consumers (That Means Savings & Perks!)

How The OEM Is Benefiting Singaporean Consumers (That Means Savings & Perks!)

Have you switched to your preferred electricity retailer yet?

With the full roll-out of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in Singapore, residential households all over Singapore can now switch to a licensed electricity retailer and reap incredible benefits that go just beyond savings!

You probably have friends who have already switched to a retailer or maybe you read about the OEM in the newspapers but still wondering if you can benefit?

We are glad to say the hype is real! And in this article, we will take you through 3 key reasons why the OEM is benefiting Singaporean consumers like you and me.

Enjoy More Choices To Suit Your Lifestyle

No two families are the same in Singapore, that means without choices, some households will win, others might lose out depending on their usage.

What we want is a win-win situation where everyone benefits!

Maybe you are a newly wedded couple who just moved into your new apartment – budgeting might be your top priority where you need to be sure about where your monthly paycheque goes!

Have no worry, retailers like iSwitch have fixed price plans where you are guaranteed a fixed rate on your electricity usage, making your monthly electric bill highly predictable.

Have a bigger family where electricity use can fluctuate wildly? The Discount Off Tariff (DOT) plan allows you to lock in guaranteed savings off the regulated SP Tariff every month no matter much electricity you might use.

That means guaranteed savings in your pocket!

You Get To Enjoy Incredible Savings!

We know that the main benefit you want is monthly savings off your electric bill, so let us list it down you!


As of 26th May 2019, the SP Regulated Tariff stands at 24.39 cents per kWh (inclusive of GST)

Let’s compare that with three of our most popular iSwitch price plans! (As of 26th May 2019)

Our “Chope The Rate” 24 Months Fixed Price Plan: 17.55 cents per kWh (inclusive of GST)

That’s 23.6% savings! (depending on the regulated rate you might save more or less over the months)

Our “Super Saver Discount” 24 Months DOT Price Plan: 23% off the Regulated Tariff!

That’s 23% savings you get to enjoy every month – no matter what happens to the regulated tariff price.

Our Super Popular “iPromo-iPad” 36 Months DOT Price Plan: 5% off the Regulated Tariff + a Complimentary iPad!

Guaranteed 5% monthly savings plus an iPad. How cool is that!

Whether your electricity usage is small or big, locking those cost savings is essential, every dollar saved counts.

While cost savings are definitely what we all desire, there are more benefits when you switch to iSwitch!

Lifestyle Perks When You Sign-up

Enjoy bundled rewards when you sign-up. Ever got any benefits from SP over the years or decades? We didn’t think so!

At iSwitch, we have bundled together fantastic sign-up rewards that are not only practical but also benefit you and your household.

These include:

– 1 Free Air-conditioning Servicing

It’s time to enjoy cleaner and fresher air while ensuring your energy use is optimal (that means more cost savings!) 🙂

– Free AIA Personal Accident Protection

Get protected and secure your family against life’s uncertainties with this complimentary insurance policy to you!

More Ways To Pay Your Bill!

With new price options comes new ways for you to pay your bill at your convenience. Gone are the days of being forced to pay just through auto Giro deductions.

At iSwitch, we have 4 awesome ways for you to pay your electric bill – choose whichever feels more comfortable for you, no pressure! You can pay via:

  • Auto Pay / Giro payments: Just fill in a form or enjoy quicker giro through DBS iBanking
  • Our Self Service Portal (SSP): Pay using your credit or debit cards (rack up those reward points!)
  • Pay In Person using any islandwide AXS kiosk: Just use your account number or scan your bill barcode.
  • Recurring Credit Card payments – enjoy even more cashback rebates month after month!

What’s more, with our partnerships with your favorite banks, enjoy cashback rebates every time you pay using these credit cards:

  • POSB Everyday Card: 1% cash rebate
  • UOB One Credit Card: Up to 5% cash back

Embrace The OEM & Start Enjoying Benefits (Your neighbours probably already are)!

At iSwitch, we have served more than 65,000 households in Singapore and are one of the top licensed electricity retailers in Singapore.

To learn more about why we are one of Singapore’s preferred retailers, check out our article here where we take you through our rich heritage (and how it helps ensure we deliver to you the best price plans possible!)

Wondering about the full range of perks we have in store for you? Discover the awesome benefits we have for you in this article!

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