Trash To Cash: How To Recycle In Singapore & Make Money!

Trash To Cash: How To Recycle In Singapore & Make Money!

At some point, you’ve probably heard about the rubbish situation in Singapore – whether in the form of a photo of Pulau Semakau island covered in garbage or overflowing rubbish bins at the shopping mall. 

Despite the nation’s recycling efforts, Singapore’s rubbish has unfortunately increased seven-fold in the last 40 yearsThus, it is still an ongoing problem and it is now more crucial than ever to recycle and pick up some eco-friendly habits. 

But wait, it gets even better! Did you know that you can recycle for cash in Singapore? 

From second-hand clothes to preloved tech items and even household items, there are various platforms that enable you to recycle in a smarter way and get cash for your trash!

1. Cash Converters

Cash Converters started off as a single second-hand dealer store in Perth, which later expanded to an international franchise with over 530 stores in 24 countries, of which 6 are in Singapore. 

Being the world’s biggest second-hand dealer, they buy almost any item as long as it is in good condition with a market resale value.

An authorised recycling centre listed by NEA, each store is divided into two sections: the retail section where you can browse through the full range of goods and make purchases, and the Buys Room, where you’ll head to for the sale of your goods.

View the full list of Cash Converters outlets here

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Cash Converters

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2. Apple Trade-In

Do you have an old iPhone or iPad sitting around collecting dust in your home? Bring your Apple products to any Apple Store to participate in their Trade-In programme!

If you have an eligible Apple smartphone, you can earn up to $560 in credit when you trade-in with them. The best part is that all you have to do is inform Apple which device you have and they will send you a pre-paid postage label then handle the rest.

View the full list of Apple stores here

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3. Samsung Trade-Up

If you’re an Android user, we’ve got you. Samsung’s smartphone Trade-Up programme lets you assess your old device’s value via a Trade Up App. 

After which, you can let the team know if you’d like to trade in your phone and they will collect it at your doorstep!

The trade-in value will then be wired to you via Bank Transfer. Unfortunately, this is only applicable to smartphones.

View the full list of Samsung Service Centres here

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4. Hock Siong

Instead of throwing your old furniture or decorative items at home, why not sell them Hock Siong?

With the goal to offer a range of good quality products at reasonable prices for customers, Hock Siong deals with second-hand furniture, operating equipment and antiquities from residential households and local hotels.

Be sure to drop them a call at +65 62818338 beforehand if you are selling to Hock Siong to get an appraisal of how much your furniture might be worth! 

Address: 153 Kampong Ampat, #01-03 Junjie Industrial Building, Singapore 369326

Visiting times: 9am – 5pm from Monday to Saturday, 9:30am – 5:30pm on Sunday

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old furnitures

5. Karang Guni

While it could feel natural to toss unwanted, used or spoilt items into the dustbin, keep them aside for the folks at Karang Guni.

Being an on-demand recycling company, they collect all your items and actually pay for the ones that are in decent condition. After you book your date and time slot, they will collect your items and pay! 

Visiting times: by appointment only

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6. Refash

From second-hand clothes to impulse buys that never got worn, Refash takes them all in so that they can go to a new home. If you’ve been meaning to clean out your closet, you can sell your clothes to them.

Being the largest thrift store brand in Singapore, they believe in being sustainably fashionable and ensure that anything they sell is in good shape and free of defects. 

View the full list of Refash stores here

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old clothes

7. Recycle N Save Reverse Vending Machine

Save your empty plastic bottles or aluminium cans when you’re done with your drinks next time so that you can recycle them at Recycle N Save’s Reverse Vending Machine.

For every 4 plastic bottles or aluminium cans you insert in the Reverse Vending Machine, you’ll get a $0.20 NTUC FairPrice discount coupon. Since you have to get groceries anyway, we believe this is as good as cash!

There are currently 50 machines available islandwide so it should be pretty convenient to locate one near you.

View the full list of Recycle N Save Reverse Vending Machines here

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8. Cash For Trash

Despite being around for a while, Cash For Trash isn’t very well known. Basically, it’s a neighbourhood recycling event that enables you to deposit your recyclable items in exchange for money.

With many collection points across estates all over Singapore, it helps to find out the frequency of each collection drive in your area because this is not standardised. After which, you can then work around that and drop off your items for a quick buck! 

View the full list of Cash For Trash’s collection points here

Learn more here 

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