How To Switch From SP Services Or A Retailer To iSwitch (And Save!)

How To Switch From SP Services Or A Retailer To iSwitch (And Save!)

Wondering how to switch from another retailer to us at iSwitch?

Or maybe you are still with SP Services and just decided to switch and save on your monthly electricity bills!

Whichever the case is, this guide is for you to help you understand your options when choosing an electricity price plan and more importantly, the steps to make the switch for greater savings!

Still With SP Services? It’s Time To Enjoy Savings Of Up To 30%

If you just found out about the Open Electricity Market or just moved into a new home – you are still buying electricity from SP Services.

While you might be used to it, you are missing out on a world of benefits and big savings off your monthly electricity bill.

But firstly do you know how much you are paying every month to keep your electricity flowing?

Buying your electricity from SP Services means paying at the regulated electricity tariff rate, or the price which is set by SP Services themselves.

As of 1st October to 31st December 2020, the regulated tariff (inclusive of GST) is 22.93 cents/kWh. 

Learn more about the regulated tariff and how it affects your monthly electric bill.

Why pay full price when you can enjoy savings by switching to a retailer like iSwitch?

With iSwitch, you’ll be able to lock in guaranteed savings no matter which price plan that you choose – that’s money in your pocket that you can use to fund your next holiday or pay for an important expense!

Ever since the start of the Open Electricity Market, we have helped over 100,000 households save on their monthly electric bill.

See How Much You Can Save On Your Monthly Bill

Depending on your household usage and your dwelling type, you could well be leaving hundreds of dollars every year on the table if you haven’t switched yet!

Here’s a quick estimate of how much you can expect to save based on your dwelling type & our 6 months iSwitch2Green fixed price plan*:

how much you can save

*savings are calculated based on the electricity tariff for the period of 1st Oct to 31st Dec (21.43 cents per kWh, before GST). Rates are accurate based on the publication date of the article.

Why not give our price plan calculator a try for yourself and estimate how much you can expect to save with us.

But before you just select any plan that you see, it’s good to understand our two types of price plans and see if it fits your household and lifestyle.

choose plans

Understand Which Price Plan To Choose

While you will enjoy price savings with us, it’s best to select a plan that is best suited to you.

At iSwitch, we have two main plans to choose from – the Fixed Price Plan or the Discount-Off-Tariff plan.

iSwitch plans

But Wait, Which Duration Of Plan Should You Go For?

Depending on your needs, here are some scenarios to help you with your decision:

A) You Are About To Move Or Sell Your Home

If this is you, you probably want a flexible plan that you can cancel the moment your home plans are settled.

In this case, give our No Lock-In Plan a try and still enjoy an attractive discount off your electric bill.

B) You Want To Give iSwitch A try

We get it, you might want to give us a try and see if we live up to the hype. Then give our 6 or 12 months plan a try.

C) You Want To Enjoy A Longer Period Of Savings (Hassle-free)

If you are fully on-board and are committed to enjoying savings for a long long time, then opt for our 24 or 36-month plans and enjoy more money in your pocket for years to come!


With iSwitch, You’ll Enjoy Lifestyle Benefits & Perks Too (Grab Your Promo Code)

While enjoying monthly savings is great, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy even more benefits and perks when you sign-up for our price plans!

As of 1st December 2020, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of attractive perks that include:

  • Sign-up Bill Rebates (on certain price plans)
  • Free AIA Personal Accident Insurance Protection
  • Green-Certified Electricity At No Additional Cost
  • Up To 5% cashback on UOB One Credit Card Bill Payment

But that’s not all!

As an iSwitch customer, you’ll be able to refer friends and family to enjoy an additional $50 Bill Rebate.

Check out our promotions here & grab your promo code for awesome lifestyle benefits!

Concerned About Moving House?

If you are planning to move house soon, you might have concerns about what happens to your contract during the move?

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer flexible terms to make the process seamless and easy for you.

If you are moving house within Singapore – you’ll just have to provide valid documents and re-apply with iSwitch. While there will be a small flat fee charged, it will be refunded to you once your new house contract is active.

If you are relocating or expatriating out of Singapore – instead of paying the Early Termination Charge (ETC), you’ll only be required to pay a small flat fee based on your dwelling type.

It’s just that simple! 

Learn more about the process of moving house as an iSwitch customer.


Go Green & Do Your Part For The Environment With iSwitch

If you are like many Singaporeans, you are probably aware of global warming and how we are all contributing to an increased carbon footprint throughout our daily lives.

In fact, since 2016, iSwitch has helped their customers save over 145,000 Tonnes Of CO2 equivalent of Carbon Emissions and that’s equal to 725,000 trees planted!

When you switch to iSwitch, you’ll be enjoying green electricity at no additional cost!

That means the carbon emissions footprint that comes from your electricity use will be offset as we will obtain carbon credits on your behalf.

Discover how we are helping our customers move towards a more sustainable future.


Signing-up Online Is Easy – It Takes Only 5 Minutes!

We all treasure our time and that’s why we have made signing-up with us a breeze!

If you are switching from SP Services:

Just head over here and choose your preferred price plan, enter your details and hit submit to get started.

Sit back and relax – we’ll handle the rest!

If you are switching from another retailer:

We’ll help you with the transfer – there is no need to cancel with your current retailer. Just ensure that when your contract ends, you’ll need to select the correct start date so the 2 contracts don’t overlap.

After choosing your preferred price plan, select your preferred start date to be 1 day after your contract end date with your current retailer.

For example, if your Contract End Date is the 30th of November 2020, set your Preferred Start Date with iSwitch to be the 1st of December 2020.

When switching from SP you will need your SP Account number (this is found in your SP bill, generally starting with 89XXXXXXXX). 

If you are switching from another retailer you will need your 10-digit MSSL account number (this is found in your retailer’s electricity bill, starting with 93XXXXXXXX).

Wondering about the details of switching to us? 

From the security deposit to meter readings and payment options, here’s a handy infographic that will help guide you through signing-up with us and answer any common questions you might have.


Once You’re An iSwitch Customer, Be Sure To Download Our Mobile App

Once you are part of the iSwitch family, it’s time to make your experience an even better one.

Download our mobile app and enjoy a whole host of benefits such as:

  • Viewing and paying your bills easily
  • Reviewing your electricity consumption habits
  • Reviewing your historical monthly bills
  • Renewing your electricity contracts.

You’ll be able to get your unique referral code and redeem your bill rebates through our app. All you need to do is to refer a friend or family member to us and you’ll earn $50 for every successful sign-up!

Check out all of our mobile app features here and how you’ll be able to benefit!

You can also login to the iSwitch portal here to also check on your price plan contract details and your billing.

happy family

Switch To iSwitch Today & Start Saving On Your Electric Bill

Electricity is a necessity in our lives and our consumption is continually increasing as we are working more from home.

Thankfully, with iSwitch, you’ll be able to enjoy savings off your monthly electric bill and enjoy a whole host of lifestyle benefits too.

No longer will you have to worry about turning the aircon up or relaxing for hours in front of the television – you’ll be saving no matter what!

So get started, browse through our price plans and sign-up online today.


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