How To Terminate SP Services & Switch Over To A Retailer (and save!)

How To Terminate SP Services & Switch Over To A Retailer (and save!)

If you are still buying your electricity from SP Services, there are two main scenarios where you might be seeking to terminate your account:

1. You are looking to move house and relocate within Singapore itself.

2. You are looking to move out of Singapore 

Whichever the case, you will need to close your SP utilities account first before you can proceed to open a new one for your new Singapore home or successfully leave Singapore.

3 Ways To Terminate Your SP Services Account

1. Terminate Via The SP Utilities App

2. Fill Up The Online Termination Form And Mail it In

You can also email them at

3. Walk into the SP Customer Service Centre

Alternatively, you can simply walk into their customer centre at:

490 Lor 6 ToA Payoh #09-11, HDB Hub Biz Three Lift Lobby 1, Singapore 310490

What Happens After I Close My Utility Account?

Closing your account is easy, but here are a few things that you should be aware of:

  • The security deposit left with SP Group will be utilised to offset the final charges of your bill.
  • If you have any outstanding charges under your name in any other accounts, the remainder of your security deposit will be used to settle the outstanding amounts.
  • If you have any final balances, the amount will be refunded to your GIRO account or mailed to you by cheque within a month.
  • Your GIRO arrangement will automatically end once the final charges have been settled

You will also have to close your City Gas gas supply account with a termination fee of $32.10 which will be billed to you separately 

What should I do if I am an existing iSwitch customer and moving house? 

As an iSwitch customer, we want to make your move as easy as possible which is why we have such flexible terms.

  • If you are moving house within Singapore, provide valid documents and re-apply with iSwitch, there will be a small flat fee charged but don’t worry, the fee will be refunded to you once your new house contract is active. So essentially, you incur no charges for relocation!
  • For Relocation or Expatriation during your contract with iSwitch, instead of paying the Early Termination Charge (ETC), you only have to pay a small flat fee that is based on your dwelling type.

For more information click here

Looking To Switch To An Electricity Retailer? There Is No Need To Close Your SP Utility Account

4 out of 10 households in Singapore have already switched to an electricity retailer since the start of the Open Electricity Market – and it’s no wonder, you get to enjoy guaranteed savings off your monthly bill!

Switching over to an electricity retailer like iSwitch is very simple – you don’t even need to close your account, just sign-up and we will work with SP Group to make the switch for you. You don’t need to go through the hassle of closing down your utility account – just sit back, choose your price plan and relax!

The account switch will be purely administrative, which means there will be absolutely no disruption of your electricity supply. In fact, with iSwitch, switching can be done in just 3 quick steps! Just select your price plans, enter your details and start saving on your next electricity bill.

It’s that easy.

But Before You Switch, Understand The Two Types Of Price Plans

While you might be eager to switch immediately, it would be wiser to understand the two types of price plans we have that might suit your needs.

1) Discount Off Tariff “Super Saver” Plan

This price plan guarantees you a fixed percentage discount savings (of up to 30%) off the regulated tariff rate! This means no matter how high the electricity tariff rises or how low it falls, you will always enjoy guaranteed discounts off your electric bill. If having a hassle-free experience is key for you, this is the plan to choose.

2) Fixed Price “Chope The Rate” Plan

If your household is big on fixing a budget and sticking to it, you might want to consider the fixed price plan. This plan essentially allows you to pay a constant rate for your electricity consumption over your contract duration. 

This means there will be absolutely no price shocks, you will always be paying the same rate no matter how high the regulated tariff rises. Lowering your utility bill will simply mean reducing the amount of your electricity consumption – that means using less of your air conditioning!

Wondering How Much You Can Save? (Compare The SP Tariff With Our Rates)

Step 1: Check The Regulated Tariff Rate here.

Step 2: Compare the rate with the fixed rates of our price plans here.

The difference between the regulated tariff and our price plan rate is what you will save!

For example (as of 25th May 2020):

tariff rate savings

happy family

Save On Your Utility Bill & Go Green When You Switch To iSwitch

At iSwitch, we are the largest green electricity retailer in Singapore.

Not only do we help you save on your monthly electric bill every single month, we supply you carbon-neutral electricity at no extra cost.

That means you will automatically be doing your part for the environment as your carbon footprint will be accounted for!

You can learn more about our green energy initiatives here.

But that’s not all, at iSwitch you will be able to enjoy:

  • Lifestyle perks when you sign-up online
  • A hassle-free experience managing your bills and account with our iSwitch App
  • A $50 bill rebate for every successful sign-up from a friend that you refer

Learn more about our residential plans here.


Have More Questions On Switching?

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