iSwitch absorbs ES Power’s Electricity Retail Business

iSwitch absorbs ES Power’s Electricity Retail Business

iSwitch leads the path forward for a sustainable partnership in the electricity market

  • As part of the partnership, ES Power’s business and residential consumers will be transferred to iSwitch, who will honour the same electricity rate, terms and conditions of their existing contracts
  • This allows iSwitch to become the largest green electricity retailer in Singapore
  • iSwitch and ES Power will work together to promote a sustainable and green Singapore

SINGAPORE, 6 June – iSwitch and ES Power announced a new partnership of their electricity retail businesses in a deal involving over $15m worth of retail electricity contracts. ES Power is the energy brand of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd (ESA), which specialises in retailing green energy to consumers.

Under this partnership, ES Power’s customers’ existing contracts will be novated to iSwitch. With the novation, iSwitch will undertake and honour the same electricity rate and all contractual terms and conditions of the existing contracts with ES Power. The transfer process is purely administrative and performed electronically, and there will be no disruption to customers’ electricity supply. Existing customers of ES Power have been notified of this transition, which is expected to be completed by the end of June.

Both retailers also announced a joint marketing initiative to help promote sustainability and a greener Singapore. Through this initiative, iSwitch will be the licensed electricity retailer to supply electricity to all its consumers. While ES Power will ‘green-up’ the electricity usage of iSwitch’s customers’ by offsetting all carbon emissions through the process of retiring carbon credits and renewable energy certificates where applicable.

Mr Senthil Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of iSwitch, said: “iSwitch is currently the largest green electricity retailer in Singapore while ESA is one of Singapore’s long term sustainability pioneer. It is our pleasure to work with them through this partnership to market green energy solutions to homes and businesses.”

Mr Quek Leng Chuang, Managing Director of ESA, said “ES Power, under ESA, will continue to innovate and provide more services dedicated to the vision of a more sustainable future. And in fact, waste wood to electricity as a renewable source, produced locally, is very much a testament to the continued innovation in cleaner and greener energy. This partnership with iSwitch is thus not simply a strategic business decision but one that naturally enables us to focus on being a critical contributor to Singapore’s sustainability efforts.”

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