iSwitch Celebrates A Successful Year Powering Our Commercial Customers

iSwitch Celebrates A Successful Year Powering Our Commercial Customers

The Second iSwitch Movie Premiere Night!

It was a night filled with good food and even better conversations as iSwitch booked out a cinema at The Cathay to host their commercial customers for the premiere screening of Mission Impossible – Fallout on the 26th of July.

With 572 attendees representing businesses from different industries, our business customers were treated to a buffet spread that sprawled across the entire floor while the iSwitch ambassadors roamed the event interacting with the attendees, understanding better their current challenges and how to improve our offerings.

Customers were happy to put a face to the name of their account managers and learn more about the entire iSwitch team and our exciting plans to not only improve their commercial experience but also how the Open Electricity Market will benefit their households as well.

When quizzed, our business customers were happy to share positive comments regarding our price competitiveness and the professionalism of our sales personnel. Customers also expressed keen interest in our iPromo retail plan for their household needs.

With a constant dedication to delivering the best for our customers, we were pleased to hear over 80% were happy to recommend their peers to iSwitch.

Senthil Kumar, General Manager of iSwitch, commented that “It was a full house turnout of almost 600 people who mingled with the iSwitch team and strengthened the existing bond. This showcases our commitment and ongoing efforts to show our appreciation to our valued customers.”

Face To Face In A Digital Age

While we believe in reaching our customers through digital means and social channels that include Facebook and LinkedIn, nothing beats the in-person interaction we have with our valued clients.

It is through this in-person interaction that we can understand more about their business and help to begin crafting effective products to serve their needs. As the electricity landscape becomes more liberalised, knowing our customers intimately will become key to not only acquiring new ones, but also ensure our current clients trust and rely on our brand for their electricity needs.

Growing From Strength To Strength

At iSwitch, we are committed to providing the best plans to our commercial customers. From fixed-price plans to discount off tariff (DOT) plans, our account managers help each and every customer to decide on a plan that best suits their operations for maximum savings.

Take for example our demand aggregation scheme, through this scheme, we are helping MSCT managers of condominiums and commercial properties lock in energy savings on their electricity use for the common areas & facilities.

With over 3,000 commercial customers choosing iSwitch, we have also made significant strides into helping Singaporean businesses become greener and environmentally conscious. Businesses and organisations like Dulwich College, Vagabond Hotel and the Q&M Dental Group have all achieved 100% Green electricity through our iSwitch2Green plan.

The iSwitch Difference

At iSwitch, we go beyond just offering great discounts and competitive pricing. We are an electricity retailer that stems from a strong local heritage dating back to 1964. Our parent company, the RCMA group, provides us with a strong capital base and risk management expertise that allows us to continually provide our customers with the best products reliably.

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