How Does iSwitch Deliver Carbon Neutral Electricity?

How Does iSwitch Deliver Carbon Neutral Electricity?

You have probably heard of carbon-neutral electricity and at iSwitch we provide it to all our customers, both residential and commercial. But what exactly is carbon neutral electricity and how do we deliver it in our price plans?

Understanding What Carbon Emissions Are

The majority of electricity globally is still generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal and fuel oil in power stations. In Singapore, the majority of electricity that is generated and supplied to the power grid comes from the burning of natural gas which is a fossil fuel, generating carbon emissions such as carbon dioxide.

In 2014, our nation generated more than 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gases, of which carbon dioxide makes up 95% of it. These carbon emissions contribute to climate change that leads to the negative effects of global warming that include:

  • Temperatures will continue to rise globally
  • Changes in precipitation (rain) patterns
  • An increase in drought and heat waves
  • Stronger and more intense hurricanes
  • A projected increase in sea level by up to 4 feet by 2100
  • The Arctic region might become ice-free

While these effects might seem distant, the world is also undergoing a climate shift that sees crops dying, land becoming unfarmable and water supplies around the world dwindling.

When fossil fuels, other types of emissions and impurities apart from carbon dioxide are dispersed into the air. These include methane, perfluorocarbons and nitrous oxide which contribute directly to acid rain as well.

What Is Singapore Doing To Help?

Singapore made a pledge under the 2015 global Paris agreement to reduce emissions by 16% below its business-as-usual levels by 2020 and 36% by 2030 from 2005 levels.

As a result, from 2019 onwards, there will be $5 per tonnes carbon tax implemented on businesses that produce more than 25,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases – that includes power stations that produce our electricity.

How Do I Contribute To Carbon Emissions?

By using electricity from the power grid, consumers are indirectly contributing to carbon emissions from the demand for energy.

How Does iSwitch Fit Into Singapore’s Green Future?

At iSwitch, we are dedicated to helping Singapore move towards a more carbon neutral footprint – and that means by getting businesses and residential consumers together with our iSwitch2Green Carbon Credit Offset scheme. All online sign ups for residential electricity price plans are entitled to green energy without any additional costs.

What Are Carbon Credits?

A carbon credit is a tradable certificate that allows the holder to emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide equivalent) into the atmosphere. These carbon credits are issued with the aim of reducing the equivalent emission of greenhouse gases.

The more electricity that is generated (and consumed), the more carbon credits is needed to become carbon-neutral.

How Does iSwitch Deliver Carbon Neutral Electricity For Me?

Our online price plans (which are all green) allows consumers to offset their carbon emissions through our iSwitch2Green scheme.

We will estimate the carbon emission impact you are responsible for by calculating your energy usage at home. We will then help obtain carbon credits that are generated and issued by United nation certified projects such as wind farms.

These credits then allow your household to offset your electricity use, making it carbon neutral – helping you contribute to the environment.


At iSwitch, We Go Above & Beyond. We Help Entire Organisations Become Carbon Neutral.

As a testament to our commitment towards a greener future, we have helped organisations in Singapore such as Dulwich college become the first educational institute to become 100% carbon neutral as well as Hotel Vagabond become fully carbon neutral (the first in Singapore) since April 2017.

We are one of the few electricity retailers in Singapore that provide 100% Green electricity to our customers both commercial and residential – we do this at no additional charge.

To date, we have helped over 10,000 residential customers save 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of emissions which is equal to 175,000 planted trees.

Go Green With iSwitch Today

Whether you are a residential consumer or a business looking to secure your electricity supply, we have the plan for you!

It’s time to enjoy incredible savings (and perks) while embracing carbon-neutral electricity to help make Singapore and the world a greener place to live in!

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