iSwitch – Learn Why We’re One Of Singapore’s Preferred Retailers!

iSwitch – Learn Why We’re One Of Singapore’s Preferred Retailers!

As we near the full roll-out of the Open Electricity Market (OEM), many residents might still be wondering if the Electricity supply will be stable if they switch from SP Services to another preferred retailer.

Regardless of the retailer you choose, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) ensures that your household will continue to enjoy a reliable and secure energy supply.

The Electricity You Buy Comes From The Same Source, It Is About Choosing The Right Retailer


Whether a company owns a power station or is an independent retailer, the reliability and quality of electricity to your home is guaranteed by SP Group and the regulatory framework of EMA. All power stations are required to sell to the wholesale market regulated by EMA and all retailers are required to buy from the same market. So there is a level playing field regardless of whether the retailer owns a power plant or not.

The real question is choosing a retailer that not only provides a competitive price but one that has a track record of serving customers with distinction and the financial standing to serve for many years to come.

iSwitch is one of Singapore’s top 3 electricity retailers for a reason. Switch currently serves more than 60,000 homes in Singapore. iSwitch offers a full range of services that include billing and convenience of multiple payment options and in-house customer service to the full need of a consumer’s electricity needs are met. We have a strong track record of serving more than 2,000 industrial and commercial customers since 2016.

iSwitch enjoys substantial financial backing and a strong heritage from the RCMA group . Let us take you on a journey to discover more about our heritage and history.

A Strong Heritage Dating Back to 1780

At iSwitch, we are a proud member of the RCMA Group, a global respected player in the commodity and energy sectors with an annual turnover in excess of US$1 billion. Established in 1964, the RCMA group draws on a rich history of commercial success with their origins tracing back to 1780 when Edgar Corrie formed a partnership in the UK to trade in corn.

With a joint venture in 1998 with local rubber trading firm, Singapore Tong Teik, RCMA established RCMA Commodities Asia Pte Ltd headquartered in Singapore. Further expansions saw the group enter various commodity markets that include coal, coffee and cotton across the globe including Malaysia, Guatemala and China.

Trading Energy Globally

From our beginnings as a commodity and energy trader, iSwitch draws upon a team with a wealth of trading knowledge of over 30 years in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. This allows us to innovate and create electricity products for consumers.

With proven expertise in trading the global oil and electricity markets including Singapore and Australia, we employ rigorous fundamental analysis that guides our systematic trading. This helps us to provide stable and competitive price to our retail customers.

Our experience in trading physical commodities and power markets provides us unique insight and edge in identifying opportunities as well as managing risk when it comes to trading the volatile oil and electricity markets.

Licensed Singapore Electricity Retailer Since 2015


As a licensed electricity retailer in Singapore, we are committed to delivering greater electricity cost savings by offering the most competitive plans in the market.

These include fixed price plans for households where budgeting is the priority and discount off tariff plans where hassle-free guaranteed savings is preferred. In addition, we also partner with various merchants and banks to bring additional sign-up perks and savings to our customers such as bill payment cash-backs!

From 2017 till today, we have established our brand as one of the fastest growing independent retailers in Singapore as well as one of the approved retailers for the Open Electricity Market (OEM) to serve residential customers. As an independent retailer not owning a power station, we are more nimble to changes in oil price and can easily adjust our strategy to always offer competitive pricing.

We are proud to be serving more than 3,000 commercial customers including hotels, schools and businesses as well as 60,000 residential customers.

Innovating Digitally To Help More Singapore Households Save On Their Electric Bill

At iSwitch, we strive to innovate digitally to reach our customers easily and ensure the sign-up process is simple and hassle-free.

For our traditional customers, we are pleased to hold roadshows to give in-person assistance while our online portal provides our more digitally savvy customers with maximum convenience to sign-up within 3 minutes!

With customer service available via Facebook, phone or email as well as a Self-Service Portal to help customers check their account anytime and anywhere, we seek to prioritise the customer experience.

Breaking New Ground With Our Green Initiatives


We are one of the few electricity retailers in Singapore that provide 100% Green electricity to our customers both commercial and residential.

At no additional charge, we help our customers do their part for the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits on their behalf.

To date, we have helped over 10,000 residential customers save 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of emissions which is equal to 175,000 planted trees. Helping companies break new ground with their green initiatives, we helped make the first hotel (Hotel Vagabond) and school (Dulwich College) in Singapore 100% carbon neutral in their electricity consumption.

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