Jade Energy Bags The Top 3 Volume Contributor Award

Jade Energy Bags The Top 3 Volume Contributor Award

Held on the 26th of June 2019, Jade Energy (iSwitch’s parent company) won the ‘Top 3 Volume Contributor Award’ for SGX Electricity Futures Trading during the annual SGX Electricity and Petrochemical Awards.

Winning the award for 4 years in a row since the Electricity Futures market began back in 2015, iSwitch’s trading team has once again reiterated their commitment to contributing to Singapore’s electricity market in both the physical retail supply and derivative trading.

Supplying Electricity to Singaporean Households & Businesses.

iSwitch has grown from strength to strength in the Singapore retail and commercial electricity market. Since the launch of Singapore’s Open Electricity Market back in April 2018, over 75,000 households have chosen iSwitch as their preferred retailer.

With strategic partnerships with local brands and innovative digital marketing initiatives, we are consistently looking to reach out and provide increasing value to customers old and new.

With the physical electricity supply growing, iSwitch via its parent company, Jade Energy, is expected to maintain a high presence in order to hedge the exposure from their growing retail and commercial customers.

SGX Electricity Futures Market Makers Since 2015.

For almost 4 years and counting, the iSwitch trading team have been market makers in the Singapore Electricity Futures market, providing liquidity to facilitate the trading of over-the-counter (OTC) electricity products.

This also allows iSwitch to access optimal hedging opportunities in real-time to provide stable and competitive pricing for our customers.

As the Electricity Futures market grows and matures, an increasing amount of international energy traders and institutions are participating, causing trading volumes to reach record highs.

This is thanks to the strong framework laid out by SGX as well as the ample liquidity from market makers.

Singapore’s Biggest Green Electricity Retailer.

As part of our continuing strong belief in renewable energy and environmental sustainability, we have been taking strides in cementing our position as Singapore’s biggest green energy retailer.

Apart from helping organisations such as Hotel Vagabond and Dulwich College become 100% carbon neutral, all of our residential price plans are green – allowing our residential customers to enjoy green electricity at no additional cost.

With our recent partnership with ES Power, we are pleased to supply even more green electricity solutions to Singaporean businesses and households.

Drawing from our rich heritage that dates back to 1964, we are part of the RCMA group – a global trading house with an annual turnover in excess of US$1 billion.

This allows iSwitch to leverage on a wealth of expertise, experience and financial resources allowing us to be both stable in our trading business model and agile to provide our customers with the best competitive price plans possible.

The Path Ahead.

As Singapore’s electricity market matures with residents getting savvier with regards to their options and needs, iSwitch will continue to be at the forefront of creating innovative products to suit their lifestyles.

On the derivatives front, Andrew Koscharsky the Chief Commercial Officer of Jade Energy commented “the team executed the first ever trade on the exchange on 2 June 2015 and we remain strong supporters of the futures market. We look forward to the listing of peak and options in the near future.”

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