Moving House? 5 Tips To Make It A Smooth Experience!

Moving House? 5 Tips To Make It A Smooth Experience!

If you are moving house soon, one of the greatest challenges you might face is the actual moving itself! From bulky furniture to your electronics and collectibles, the process of moving house in Singapore could get rather messy if you don’t have a solid strategy to get packing and unloading. In this article, we take you through 5 tips you must know to make moving house as much of a breeze as possible.

1. Keep An Inventory Of Your Items

The first step would be to make a list and categorise your items. A great way to do this would be to walk through each room of your home and categorise the essential items in each individual room to ensure nothing is missed out. While it might be tempting to take everything with you to your new home, take the opportunity to do some quick spring cleaning.

Everyone has junk and old items that no longer have any use and should be thrown away. This allows you not only to save time packing your items, but you will also cut down on your moving cost as movers mainly charge on the number of items moved or based on weight.

2. Prepare Packing Materials & Pack Them Yourself

Choosing the right packing materials from the start will allow you to save time and transport your belongings safely without any hiccups or damage.

Here is a list of 3 packing materials you will need to make packing easier and more systematic:

Cardboard boxes

These will be the staple packing materials needed for your move. Getting cardboard boxes of various sizes will be important, allowing you to segregate the heavy and fragile items away from items generally easier to transport such as clothes and books.

Plastic Boxes and Containers

Great to store your electronics such as your laptop and computer parts, these waterproof plastic boxes help you to easily identify your items as well as transport them in an environment that is free from any water risk.

Bubble Wrap & Foam Peanuts

If you have items such as porcelain, ceramics and paintings that need to be transported, covering them in bubble wraps is ideal to protect their surfaces from any damage. Foam peanuts are also useful when placed in cardboard boxes to cushion your fragile items during the transit from unexpectedly colliding with each other. Once you are done with those, opt to pack your items yourself for peace of mind – don’t get the moving companies to do it!

3. Research On Moving Companies & Get 3 Quotes

While you might have a recommendation from your friend who just moved home a few months back, it is always better to get at least three quotes from moving companies around Singapore. With their prices normally hidden, it is important for you to clarify the main details of how they charge to help you move. Here are three things to look out for:

  • Understand how they charge (on a per hour basis, per trip basis or flat-rate)
  • Any extra charges present (stairs, distance, time of day, express service, repacking)
  • Any insurance to deal with potential property loss or damage

Do not be afraid to let them know the other quotes you have gotten from their competitors to see if they can match them and aim for having the lowest number of trips to save further costs. Don’t forget to check their online reviews as well, if many people are giving them the thumbs up with detailed testimonials, it could be a credible company to consider!

4. Unload Your Valuables & Room Packages First

If you have marked your boxes, this is where all the prior hard work pays off! The first thing to do is to secure your valuables and unload your room packages first, giving priority to your bedrooms where you and your family will sleep.

Unpacking will take some time (weeks even), so don’t stress out, take some time to gradually populate your home with the essentials from the furniture to your entertainment system. If you would rather save time and aren’t savvy in reassembling your furniture, you can select an all-in-one mover that includes dismantling and reassembling too!

5. Secure Your New Electricity Supply

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You only have to pay a small flat fee that is based on your dwelling type; a 5rm HDB will pay $130 and condominium/private apartment will pay $180. Best of all, once you re-contract with iSwitch, the small flat fee you paid will be refunded to your new account. So you incur no charges for relocation!

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