Setting Up Your Utilities With SP Services (Opening an Account Guide)

Setting Up Your Utilities With SP Services (Opening an Account Guide)

So you just moved into your new home and you are busy shopping online for swanky furniture, but have you settled your basic utilities like electricity, water and gas supply with SP Services by opening an account

While this might seem tedious and boring to handle, the process is actually very simple – thanks to our handy guide that will bring you through the process of setting up your utilities in Singapore with SP Services.


How To Set Up Your Utilities In Singapore

Whether you are a tenant in a condominium unit or a new homeowner of a BTO HDB flat, you will have to apply with SP Services for a utility account.

If you plan to switch to an electricity retailer, you will still have to go through the process of setting up your utilities account with SP Services.

Thankfully, the process is quite simple and you can do it online from the comfort of your home!

There are 4 easy steps you will need to know in setting up your utility account and managing it:

1. Apply Online To Set Up Your SP Service Utilities Account

2. Prepare & Pay The Security Deposit

3. Understanding Your Account & Statements

4. How To Pay Your Utility Bill

1. Submit Your SP Services Online Application

All of your essential utilities, from water to electricity and gas, can be set up online and managed all under one single account.

Just head to the SP Services website here.

In order to start your SP Services application online, you will have to fill up your personal details, residential address and decide whether you require gas supply (which is optional). Electricity and water supply are compulsory.

During the application process, you will also have to provide documents that include:

  • Copies of your NRIC or FIN (both the front and back)
  • Proof of occupancy of your home (e.g. your tenancy agreement)
  • A completed and signed SP Services Application Form For Utilities Account (download one here)

If you require gas supply, you will have to call City Gas at 1800-555-1661 separately to book an appointment. You can do this after receiving an email confirmation from SP Services upon the successful opening of your utility account.

Rather do it in person and get another human being to help you with the process? Sure you can, just walk-in and apply! Bring along your NRIC as well as your documentary proof of occupancy of your house (such as a property tax slip or tenancy agreement) to one of their two customer service centres and let their staff handle the rest.

Customer Service Centre (HQ)

8 Cross Street #02-01 to 03, Manulife Tower, Singapore 048424

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri (8:30am to 6pm), Sat (8:30am to 1pm), Closed on Sun & Public Holidays


Customer Service Centre (HDB Hub)

480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-08, HDB Hub, Singapore 310480

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri (8:30am to 5pm), Sat (8:30am to 1pm), Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

2. Prepare & Pay The Security Deposit 

Before you can set up your utility account, you will need to pay a security deposit – this is to ensure your final utility bill will be paid in the event you sell your house or terminate your lease with your landlord. While there is no other cost to pay for setting up your SP Services utility account, the security deposit is one compulsory cost that you will have to pay. If you terminate your utility account, SP Services will simply refund you the security deposit. Wondering how much does it cost to set up a utility account?

Just follow our handy table below (accurate as of November 2019)

For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents:

For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
For Non-Singaporeans and Non-Permanent Residents:

For Non-Singaporeans and Non-Permanent Residents
Do opt for GIRO as it not only lowers the amount of your security deposit, but it also makes the entire process automatic and convenient!
If you decide to pay in person, you can once again do a walk-in and get it settled at their customer service centres in HDB Hub at Toa Payoh or their HQ at Manulife Tower.

3. Understanding Your Account & Statements

By now, you should have your SP Services utilities account set up but that’s not all, you still need to understand what is going on in your bill!

For a complete breakdown of the key features in your bill, go here to understand more.

In the meanwhile, here are some key aspects of your bill to take notice:

Your Consumption Graphs

Reflecting your electricity, gas and water consumption, these graphs will give you a snapshot of how much you are using. If you are using more electricity than the national average, perhaps it is time to lower your aircon usage!

Your Bill Stub

This will inform you of the total amount payable and the due date you have to settle it by. Don’t delay and remember to pay to avoid any late charges!

Summary of U-Save

Wonder how your U-Save rebates are being used and how much is in the balance? Keep an eye out on this section to learn more. You can learn more about your U-Save rebates in our article here!

4. How To Pay Your Utility Bill

When it comes to paying your utility bill, there are a variety of payment options you can consider.

pay utility bill

Pay automatically via GIRO

Simply print and fill in the GIRO application form here and mail it to begin paying via GIRO.

Pay through iBanking

If you are a POSB or DBS account holder, rejoice! Just go to your POSB or DBS online banking account and select ‘SP Services’, type in the bill reference number you would like to settle and pay the amount.

Pay through AXS machines

Remember those AXS machines that litter your local shopping centres and malls? Well, you can use them to pay your utility bill. Simply bring your bill statement to any AXS machine, scan the barcode and make your payment using either NETS or your credit card of choice.

Pay through Recurring Credit/Debit Card

Pay with your credit/debit cards through the iSwitch Self Service Portal (SSP). After the first payment, set up recurring payments by authorizing consecutive deductions. We accept Visa / Mastercard / Amex.

Pay via PayNow 

Enjoy even greater convenience by scanning the QR Code on your bill to make one swift payment. Log in to your bank’s mobile banking app and scan the QR code that can be found in your bill. You can retrieve your latest bill from either the iSwitch Self Service Portal or your email.

4 Tips To Note During Your SP Services Application Process 

The setting up of your account with SP Services is only the first step. There are many other considerations that you might need to take note of if you want to make the most out of your utility bill, understand the procedures if you are to move house and ensuring a smooth process to set up your utilities account in the first place.

applying for sp services online

Tip 1: Switching To A Retailer? Understand The Electricity Plans In The Market First 

Now that your utility account has been set up with SP Services, your first instinct might be to immediately sign up with the first electricity retailer you see to enjoy savings. However, it is smarter to take a step back first and understand the plans in the market and which type best suits your household. How long do you need your electricity plan? If you are staying in your new home for a long time to come, you can opt for a longer duration (24 months or more) plan to lock in greater savings for a longer period of time.

However, if you are a tenant staying for a short period of time, a plan that has a shorter duration is the way to go. Is budgeting important for you? If your household is running on a strict budget where you prefer consistency on how much you are going to pay for your electric bill, then a fixed-price plan suits you.

Maybe enjoying guaranteed savings is what you desire? Then go for the discount off tariff plan (DOT) where you will enjoy savings at a percentage off the regulated tariff. However, unlike the fixed price plans, your overall electricity bill in the DOT plan could rise or fall depending on how the regulated tariff moves (which is dependent on the price of oil).

Tip 2: The Procedure If You Are Moving House

If you are moving house, you will not be able to transfer your utilities account to your new home – each account number is tagged to a specific premise and not your NRIC number, unfortunately. What you have to do is to close your existing utility account and open a new SP Services account following all of the previous steps in this guide. Yes, it’s a hassle, we know! Now if your electricity supply is from a licensed electricity supplier, you will need to inform them. Do check if you have to pay any early termination charge, you should just be paying relocation fees/charge only.

Important note: If you are moving house and have to close your utility account, understand that your unused U-Save rebates (if any) will be forfeited.

You can, however, write to SP Services to seek a transfer of the rebates to your new utilities account for your new address.

Tip 3: Understand If You Should Terminate Or Transfer Your SP Services Utility Account

Wondering how do you transfer utilities to a new owner? It is important to note that your utility account is normally not transferable. If you are a landlord, you will have to terminate your own account by using this form here and emailing it to SP Services and get your new tenant to open his account. The new tenant will have to open a new account by submitting a brand new application. A meter reading will be taken to finalise the old account and to effect the new account. There will be no disruption to the supplies during the process.

If you are a tenant and your lease ends or you are a homeowner and you are selling off your house, you will have to terminate your existing account with the same form above.

However, there is a Change of Ownership/Tenancy Utilities Account Transfer Service available that can be done when you are selling your home. The service allows the transferor and transferee to submit a set of agreed meter readings and the readings will be used to finalise the standings of the old account and start the new account.

You can find the Change of Ownership/Tenancy Utilities Account Transfer Service form here.

transfer utilities account

Tip 4: Buffer The Correct Amount Of Time When Opening Your Utilities Account

Setting up your account is a process and doesn’t just get done instantly! Wondering how long does it take to open a SP utility account? While the SP Services online application shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes, there will be a waiting period of 3 business days upon successful receipt of your required documents and security deposit before your account is set up. Want to speed up the process? Go down in person and make the SP Services application at one of their customer service centres to get it settled by the next business day.

Want it done even faster? Then just pay $60 + GST for the Express turn-on option where activation on the same day can be arranged (even on Saturdays!).

However, there are some restrictions for the Express turn-on service. Namely, it is not applicable for premises with:

  • Electricity supply capacity exceeding 45KVA and/or
  • Water meters exceeding 15MM and/or
  • Commercial Gas and/or
  • Premises where meters are not on site

When should you set up your utility account?

We recommend scheduling your application submission 5 working days in advance. Since only the official owner or tenant of the house can open an account, to be safe you can start applying right away once you acquire the documentary proof of your home (e.g. tenancy agreement) and have moved into your new home.

when to set up utilities account

Setting Up Your SP Services Utilities Account Is Easy!

We hope that this guide has shone the light on how to open your utility account from scratch and how to manage it while paying your bills on time. Want to maximise your utility account and save money off your electricity bill every single month? 


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