Powering Singapore With Solar Energy From Australia (The Sun Cable Project)

Powering Singapore With Solar Energy From Australia (The Sun Cable Project)

As a nation, Singapore is moving towards an energy future that is cleaner and more efficient while respecting the climate change challenges facing the world.

While around 95% of our electricity is still generated by natural gas (the cleanest of all fossil fuels), EMA has developed the ‘4 Switches’ to better guide Singapore’s energy future through diversifying our energy sources.

Because of the unique land-scarce situation in Singapore, two of the ‘4 Switches’ tackle key sources of energy that are solar power and regional power grids.

Solar Power & Why It Works For Singapore

Solar power is essentially the utilisation of the sun’s energy (both visible light and infrared) into electricity that can be used to power residential homes and commercial industries.

Solar panels are the main way of harnessing solar energy from the sun and this method is quickly becoming very cost-effective – with the cost of solar power generation falling over 85% over the last ten years!

In Singapore, our unique geographical location prevents us from effectively harnessing wind or hydroelectric power, but thankfully solar power checks off all the boxes for our land-scarce nation.

Solar power provides us with:

  • A Zero-pollution energy resource
  • The ability to generate electricity all year round (even during cloud weather)
  • Solar panels can be installed on top of industrial buildings and residential homes (from HDB to landed properties)

The move towards solar power is accelerating. In fact, Singapore has set a 2030 solar target of 2-gigawatt-peak solar capacity and a target of 1500 MW by 2025. EMA has launched various payment schemes to help consumers embrace and start generating solar power.

With a goal of reaching 200MW of energy battery storage by 2025, EMA has been experimenting with the deployment of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to store excess power generated from solar energy. 

At iSwitch, we are also doing our part to provide households in Singapore with their own domestic battery storage system – you can learn more about our efforts here.

However, solar power generated domestically isn’t enough to fulfill our needs and there is where the next source of energy comes in.


Buying Electricity Through Regional Power Grids

As a growing nation, our electricity demand will inevitably increase and shifting away from fossil fuels will require us to access more sustainable energy sources.

One great way is by tapping on regional power grids to buy cost-competitive electricity from other neighbouring nations.

Through a 2-year bilateral agreement starting from 2021 October, Singapore will be embarking on a trial to import 100 megawatts (MW) of electricity from Malaysia

Another country with the potential and an ambitious plan to transport electricity to Singapore is Australia through the Australia-ASEAN Powerlink by Sun Cable.

Supplying Electricity To Singapore From Australia’s Outback

Backed by two Australian billionaires, Sun Cable plans to supply a fifth of Singapore’s power needs, helping to reduce our nation’s reliance on imported LNG (liquefied natural gas).

This will be done by building a 10-gigawatt solar farm & battery storage facility in the Northern Territory with a 4,500 km transmission line that will include Singapore in the network.

Here are some incredible facts about the project:

  • Of the 4,500 km transmission line, 3,750 km will be an HVDC submarine cable
  • This $20 billion project will create the world’s biggest solar power farm and power storage system
  • The solar farm will consist of 12,000 hectares of solar arrays

With EMA being receptive to the idea and highlighting Singapore’s openness to new energy options that are cost-effective, green and renewable, the stage is set for Australia to export their large volumes of renewable power to fuel Singapore’s economic growth.

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How Singapore Will Benefit From The Sun Cable Project

Energy security and diversification have always been important for Singapore with the bulk of energy generation (around 95%) today still being done by natural gas.

But because Singapore has no domestic fuel resources, all of our gas is imported from Malaysia and Indonesia through existing pipelines or bought internationally as LNG.

With the Sun Cable project, Singapore will be able to diversify its energy options with solar power from Australia to better secure our energy security.

iSwitch – Supporting The Sun Cable Project For Long-Term Energy Security

At iSwitch, we are keen to be part of this project as a supporter and be potentially the first customer for the venture.

iSwitch’s Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Koscharsky highlights “iSwitch is in a great position to be a foundation customer of the Sun Cable project and help it become more bankable and realistic from a commercial sense.”

As one of Singapore’s leading electricity retailers as well as the biggest green electricity retailer in the nation, we believe in securing Singapore’s energy future with clean, renewable solar power.

All of our residential plans are 100% carbon neutral and we believe that the future of Singapore’s energy supply will eventually be powered by solar energy.

“The Sun Cable project has already encouraged Singapore to think differently about how to achieve its COP 21 commitments. It is a pioneering project which will bring countries closer together and result in carbon becoming an international currency in itself” says Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Koscharsky. 

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Embrace Green Energy With iSwitch Today

While the Sun Cable project is a promising step forward in securing Singapore’s diversified energy future, we can all do our part and benefit from carbon-neutral electricity today.

What’s more, you can lock in guaranteed savings off the regulated electricity tariff every single month!

Check out our residential plans here to switch and save!

Interested in understanding more about our commitment to a more sustainable energy future?

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