Recycling Your Household Items In Singapore (How & Where To Do It!)

Recycling Your Household Items In Singapore (How & Where To Do It!)

With spring cleaning coming up for the Lunar New Year, you might be tempted to just throw all your unwanted junk into the garbage bin to make it fast & easy – but hold on, there is a better way!

With recycling, you will not only do your part for the environment and do your part to promote sustainability but also helping the less fortunate in Singapore.

It’s time to begin our journey to keep Singapore a clean and green nation while making a difference in people’s lives!

Let’s start recycling in the spirit of Chinese New Year!

The Basics of Recycling In Singapore

If you are new to recycling, you will be pleased to know the government is here to help with many of their initiatives.

The most well known of which is the National Recycling Programme implemented by the National Environment Agency (NEA). They do this by locating blue recycling bins around HDB estates, condominiums and landed properties, allowing residents and you to easily recycle your items made of glass, plastic, paper or metal.

Recycle Your Unwanted Papers & Sell The Rest

Tempted to just haul all your paper junk and toss them into the blue bin? Not so fast!

Take your time to separate out your scrap paper, paper towels and toilet rolls from valuable paper items such as magazines, books, cardboard boxes and newspapers that you can take and sell to the karang-guni man (rag-and-bone men who travel from estate to estate looking to buy your junk and pay) rather quite easily.

You can even book an appointment with the karang-guni man online for them to arrive at your home and buy up certain unwanted household items you might have. Check out their list here.

Sieve Through Your Plastics And Recycle Them

From your soda bottles and plastic party cups to shampoo containers and supermarket plastic bags, not every plastic item is recycle-worthy.

Before you make the trip downstairs to the blue bin, take some time to separate them. One quick way to check is to look for the triangle identification code that indicates the plastic you have in front of you can be safely recycled.

But we are not done yet! While recycling these plastics is a good sustainable step, not even using them in the first place is ideal.

One great way to turn this into practice is to bring with you a reusable carrier bag when you go shopping for your groceries instead of reaching for those plastic bags we are so accustomed to.

Donate & Recycle Your Clothes

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time (or maybe never have been worn), welcome to the club! With new designs coming out every year together with fantastic discounts, it can be hard to resist buying loads of new clothes every month. 

But what do you do with the existing clothes that you have either out-grown or are just too last season? You donate or recycle them of course!

Charities like The Salvation Army would be overjoyed to receive your old clothes (that are still in relatively good condition) to be will be distributed to the less fortunate members of society.But if you see to recycle all of them in bulk you can head to the various collection points in any of the H&M stores as well as Greensquare’s drop-off locations around Singapore, from Funan mall to NUS Utown Residence.

Donate Your Unwanted Furniture, Don’t Throw Them!

If you are moving house, one of the most cumbersome household items to transport is undoubtedly your furniture. One great way to save on your moving cost, be charitable and environmentally responsible is to donate them away.

Charities like The Helping Hand, The Salvation Army as well as MINDS will accept your furniture donations with open arms. 

In fact, if your furniture items are bulky (they most probably are), you can arrange a pick-up for their volunteers to help transport your furniture donations away!

Wondering what to do with your light bulbs and fluorescent tubes? You can also recycle them quite easily at IKEA. Items such as light bulbs contain small amounts of chemicals and shouldn’t end up in a landfill. 

The next time you head to IKEA, do bring along your used light bulbs along and donate them in their recycling bins in the front of the store.

Recycle Your Electronics, Appliances & Batteries With Care

Have a pile of old electronic appliances, computer monitor screens and used batteries lying around? Take the opportunity to recycle them at the appropriate collection centres:

How about the one-time batteries you once bought for your remote controller? You will have to discard them into the regular green bins for incineration since they contain mercury content that exceeds the current restrictions.

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That means when you switch to us as your preferred retailer, your electricity usage’s carbon emissions have been accounted for.

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