Reduce Your Singapore Utility Bills: 7 Tips & Habits To Follow

Reduce Your Singapore Utility Bills: 7 Tips & Habits To Follow

With COVID-19 forcing us to work from home, one thing’s for sure, our utility bills are starting to rise – that means paying more. According to SP Group, if you live in a 5-room HDB flat, your average household utility bill would have been $123.83 in April 2020, that means $1,485.96 a year!

A 30% savings would be nearly $450 back in your pockets or your upcoming vacation fund!

Our mission in this article is to help you lower that amount with easy energy saving tips that you can implement immediately as well as habits that you can easily adopt in your everyday life.

Let’s get started saving on our monthly utility bill!

1. Use LED Lightings For Double Benefits

You might have heard this a dozen times: LED lighting consumes up to 75% less energy and that’s true!

This allows you to save more money, especially when you are burning the midnight oil late at night to finish that office report.

LED light

But not only that, they last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lightings! That means more money and time saved when looking to replace them.

Double win for LED lights!

2. Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Sometimes paying more upfront means saving much more down the road.

While it might be tempting to pay for the cheaper option, look for energy-efficient alternatives instead – you can identify them through the green tick label.

Energy Efficient Appliances

The more ticks there are, the more energy-efficient it is and the more you will save over time.

But if you need to choose, choose the most frequently used home appliances that use the most energy. And for most of us, it will be the aircon and refrigerator!

3. Switch To An Electricity Retailer & Save Big

Hands down, one of the best ways to consistently save on your utility bill is to switch from SP Services to an electricity retailer like iSwitch. We are talking about over 20% off your monthly electric bill!

It’s no wonder that 4 out of 10 households in Singapore have already switched and are enjoying guaranteed savings plus additional lifestyle perks as well!

big save

4. Reduce Your Aircon Usage

We know, it’s hot and humid in Singapore and without air conditioning, most of us would be taking hourly showers. But do you know that, according to an NEA (National Environment Agency) survey, 24% of the electricity bill comes from your aircon usage!

Here are 2 quick ways to reduce your aircon use – either use the fan or turn up the aircon to above 25 °C. Not only will you feel comfortable, but you will also save quite a fair bit!

Wondering how to buy an aircon and save money at the same time? Check out how to shop wisely for one here!


5. Instil Energy Saving Habits Throughout The Family

From your parents to your significant other and all the way to your children, saving on your utility bills starts with the family!

Here are 4 quick habits to instill in every member of the family (including yourself!);

  • Turn off the lights in every room when not in use
  • Wash your clothes on a full load and use cold water when possible
  • Always close the fridge and ensure it stays that way!
  • Do not leave the tap running when soaping your hands, only turn on when rinsing

saving habits

6. Stop The Energy Vampires

Yup, we are talking about those sockets and power-points at night. You have to turn them off! Admit it, like most of us, you probably keep your appliances plugged into powerpoints and sockets with the switch turned on.

While your appliances are turned off, electricity is still being wasted and when it comes to savings, every little bit counts!


7. Install Low-Flow Toilets, Taps & Showerheads

Your utility bill doesn’t just comprise of your electricity usage, a significant component is also from the water consumption. By installing low-flow options in your toilets, you not only will save on your water usage, but you will also be doing your part for water conservation and the environment as well!


It’s Time To Reduce Your Utility Bills Today By Switching!

At iSwitch, we are the largest green electricity retailer in Singapore.

That means not only will you save on your electricity bill every single month (guaranteed!), you will also enjoy carbon neutral electricity at no additional cost – it’s no wonder that over 100,000 households have chosen us as their electricity retailer.

But that’s not all, enjoy fantastic lifestyle perks when you switch to us as well as a wealth of conveniences such as our new and upgraded iSwitch app!

Wait, it gets even better! 

Refer a friend to us and get rewarded with a $50 bill rebate when they switch!

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