Reducing Your Plastic Use – How To Do Your Part & Go Green!

Reducing Your Plastic Use – How To Do Your Part & Go Green!

From the plastic cups containing our favorite Starbucks drinks to plastic bags holding our groceries, the world today is highly reliant on plastic and it is causing devastating effects on our environment.

Plastic waste contributes to the majority of ocean pollution that has a terrible impact on marine life and the communities that rely on them. 

In fact, according to the United Nations, around 60 to 80 percent of all marine debris is composed of plastic and according to the Ocean Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas Alliance, an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans every year!

Plastic itself takes thousands of years to break down in landfills (and poisons our groundwater supply) and incinerating it is not a solution – it just causes air pollution that can accelerate global warming!

Thankfully, many countries and businesses are starting to recognise this challenge and are taking steps to reduce the use of plastics. Fast-food chains and restaurants are phasing away plastic straws while supermarkets are starting to experiment with charging consumers for the use of plastic bags!

We All Have A Part To Play By Reducing Our Plastic Use

While it is tempting to overlook how much of an impact you can have, the small things matter! If each of us plays our part and reduces our plastic use, we can all make a significant impact that can help the environment!

Here are 11 ways you can play your part at home and throughout your daily life!

1) Bring A Reusable Cup Or Tumbler When Buying Your Favorite Beverage

Can’t seem to kick the morning coffee habit or have a craving for milk tea after lunch?

Bring along your reusable cup along to reduce using plastic cups and you might even enjoy a discount as well!

A win-win for the environment and your wallet!

iswitch tumbler

2) Don’t Use A Straw (Refuse one if offered!)

While it is true that using a straw makes it easier to enjoy our drinks, we can all survive and do our part to reduce the demand for plastic straws.

In fact, it is estimated that as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches. Let’s not contribute to this mountain of plastic waste!


3) Bring Along Reusable Cutlery

While many restaurants, hawker centres and cafes all responsibly use metal cutlery that can be reused, many establishments still use plastic cutlery – especially in takeaways and in airplane food meals.

So if you travel often, pack along a set of reusable cutlery and put down that plastic fork!

reusable cutlery

4) Bringing Lunch From Home? Use A Food Pouch Or Lunch Box!

Whether you are on a strict diet or looking to save more money, bringing lunch from home to the offices is getting increasingly popular.

Instead of using plastic containers, opt to use a reusable food pouch or lunch box!

lunch box

5) Utilise Reusable Bags When Going Shopping To The Supermarket

If you regularly shop for groceries empty-handed and wait for the cashier to bag your goods, it’s time to make a change!

Bring along a reusable carrier bag instead to reduce plastic waste and you might even save on plastic bag surcharges which are getting more popular!

reusable bag

6) Going Shopping Around Town? Bring A Tote Bag With You

Going shopping for a new dress or that fancy new shoe? Bring a tote bag along!

Shopping bags are one of the biggest generators of plastic waste, so bring along your stylish tote bag and be proud of your contributions to the environment.

tote bag

7) Avoid Bottled Water & Soft Drinks

Not only do they cost a lot, but many bottled drinks also are sugar-laden and not exactly good for our health.

Do your body & the environment a favor and put down those bottled beverages. Save the environment, your health and your money!

bottled water

8) Switch To Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap

While it might be convenient using liquid soap, the plastic container that it comes in is a big contributor to plastic waste globally.

Bar soap, however, comes with virtually no plastic packaging (except for the initial wrapper) and cleans equally well.

bar soap

9) Grab The Ice Cream Cone Instead Of An Ice Cream Cup

The next time that sugar temptation hits you, grab an ice cream cone instead of just enjoying the scoop in a plastic cup.

Not only will you do your part, but you can also enjoy munching on a delicious ice cream cone too!

ice cream cone

10) Carry Your Own Water Bottle Everywhere You Go

Remember the times we all carried our water bottles to school? It’s time to do the same as grown adults!

This helps you save on any drinks you might potentially buy and plastic waste by making it easy for you to quench your thirst.

water bottle

11) Buy Your Prepackaged Food In Bulk

We all love fresh food, but many of us still rely on prepacked food like pasta, rice and even a packet of baked cookies.

One great way to save on cost & reduce plastic waste is to buy our essential prepackaged food in bulk.

prepackaged food

Let’s Do Our Part For The Environment

While reducing our plastic use is great, we can follow this up by purchasing our electricity supply with a conscious thought on the environment.

One great way is to go green with your electricity needs.

At iSwitch, we offer 100% carbon neutral electricity plans for households across Singapore. Not only do you save on money, you will be doing your part for the environment as well!

Learn more about our residential plans here.


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