Looking To Enter Renewable Energy? Here Are 4 Career Roles You Must Know!

Looking To Enter Renewable Energy? Here Are 4 Career Roles You Must Know!

With the capacity of renewable energy outpacing fossil fuel and nuclear power, renewable energy is officially the next big thing.

As heatwaves and wildfires sweep the globe in 2019, people are becoming aware of climate change and the need to embrace sustainability.

Led by China, the US, Japan, and India, the renewable energy sector is growing, and with it, there has been a growing demand for sustainable energy professionals.

Are you looking to enter renewable energy?

Here are the main types of renewable energy and four career roles you should be aware of!

The Main Types of Renewable Energy


Renewable energy makes up 26.2% of electricity production. While wind and solar power are seen as the face of renewable energy, in actuality, they make up a much lesser proportion than hydropower.

43% of the 11 million jobs created by the renewable energy sector are in China. If you decide to move to China to pursue renewable energy roles, make sure you learn what you need to know before relocating there.


By harnessing the power of water currents, hydropower generates 15.8% of the world’s energy. While the Itaipu plant on the Paraná River takes the lead when it comes to the production of electricity, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and the US are the biggest producers of hydroelectricity in the world.

The hydroelectric energy sector generated more than 2 million jobs in 2018. Jobs created include engineers and sustainability analysts.

Wind Power

Wind power is another sustainable source of energy that produces no water or air pollution. By 2050, wind power is projected to supply 30% of the world’s electricity.

With jobs such as site managers and 3D designers, the booming wind energy sector created 1.16 million jobs in 2018.


The biofuel sector is expanding (by 12%!), with increasing research being done to expand the range of biofuel feedstocks beyond ethanol. From algae to wastewater, the search for cost-effective and sustainable feedstocks continues.

To meet the International Energy Agency’s target, by 2030, the output of biofuel should triple. As of 2018, almost 800,000 jobs were created in the biofuel sector.
Keen to explore the biofuel sector? You could be a biofuel technician or even an agricultural economist!

Renewable Energy Jobs You Should Be Aware Of


If you are looking for a job in the thriving renewable energy industry that has excellent potential for growth, you are in the right place!

Here, we have narrowed down four career roles in high demand that you must know.

#1: Renewable Energy Consultant

Have a passion for the conservation of the environment? A career as a renewable energy consultant could be for you.

As a renewable energy consultant, you could work for a renewable energy company, a government agency, or chart out your path as an entrepreneur!

You will work with clients to oversee the installation of energy systems and ensure that they are economically, logistically, and environmentally friendly.

To be qualified for such a role, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering. Otherwise, you would need a degree in business or relevant experience in professional consulting.

#2: Renewable Energy Sales Representative

Have a degree in communications or experience in the energy sector? That could give you an edge in becoming a renewable energy sales representative.

With a growing demand for sustainable energy, there is an increasing demand for sales representatives. What’s more, you can work in any energy company!

As a renewable energy sales representative, you will coordinate with the management team on marketing plans, assess customer needs, make proposals, and handle orders.


#3: Green Construction Manager

With an increasing awareness of sustainable buildings by the public and governmental regulation, there is a rising demand for green construction managers.

Want to transform your vision for sustainable design into a reality? A green construction manager is your man!

By combining his expertise in construction management and sustainability practices, a green construction manager makes sure your project is both green and cost-effective.

#4 : Architecture & Design Consultant

Have an eye for detail and an interest in green construction? You could be involved in the process as an architecture and design consultant.

From traffic flow to erosion control, architecture and design consultants take care of even the minute details of construction to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

Apart from coordinating with interior designers and urban planners, design consultants make use of modeling technology and CAAD software to manage construction projects.

To become an architecture and design consultant, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the very least.

How the Energy Sector Might Evolve and What That Means For You


#1: Growth in the Renewable Energy sector

In the future, there will likely be a fall in total employment in the energy sector. As renewable energy generation is projected to rise from 4,047 TWh in 2010 to 7,286 TWh in 2030, there will be an increase in jobs created in renewable energy.

#2: Digital Disruption

As energy systems are becoming more interconnected and new technology such as grid-embedded generation is used, energy systems have become more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

As such, there could be an increase in demand for cybersecurity professionals in the energy sector.


Play Your Part by Supporting Green Efforts At Home

If entering renewable energy doesn’t suit your fancy, you can still contribute towards a more sustainable world by supporting green efforts at home.

At iSwitch, we offer 100% carbon-neutral energy to both residences and businesses at no extra charge. You can be assured that the electricity you and your family use doesn’t hurt the environment.

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