Renewable Energy In Singapore (How Our Lion City Is Going Green!)

Renewable Energy In Singapore (How Our Lion City Is Going Green!)

As the world moves towards a greener and more sustainable future, so is Singapore as well!

While as a nation we are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels – in fact, in 2015, 95% of our electricity was being generated from natural gas alone and natural gas will continue to be a pillar of our energy generation as we move towards a 2-gigawatt-peak solar capacity target by 2030.

Singapore – A Country With Unique Constraints

Unlike many developed countries like the United States Of America, Germany or Australia, Singapore is a land-scarce country with many challenges that prevent us from utilizing a whole host of alternative energy options.

When it comes to harnessing wind energy, the average wind speed in Singapore is well below the required 4.5 m/s making it unviable and our sea space is mainly used for our world-renowned ports, shipping lanes and trading activities – making ocean turbines unfeasible.

Hydroelectric energy from both tidal power and kinetic energy isn’t possible on a large scale as Singapore has a relatively calm river and seas.

But thankfully, in sunny Singapore, there’s always the sun to rely on to generate electricity from solar power!


Solar Power – The Alternative Energy Of Choice For Singapore

Since 2010, Singapore has been ramping up its commitment to solar power and achieved the 2020 goal of 350 megawatt-peak (MWp) of solar power capacity deployment.

With an ambitious target of powering 350,000 households through solar power by 2030, Singapore is accelerating the adoption of solar power through various initiatives.

In fact, both the government and private organizations are gearing up to capitalize and accelerate the adoption of solar power. Some examples include:

Why Is Solar Power Ideal For Singapore?

Apart from being one of the most abundant energy sources that are perfect for land-scarce Singapore, the advantages are as clear as day!

These include:

  • Zero-pollution during its operation
  • Electricity can be generated all year round in the day (even in overcast conditions)
  • Panels can be installed and outfitted on top of commercial and residential buildings in our concrete jungle
  • Excess energy generated can be sold back to the Singapore grid

solar power

Solar Power Adoption In Singapore Will Only Accelerate

With the successful launch of Singapore’s Open Electricity Market, Government agencies like the Energy Market Authority (EMA) are continually exploring and rolling out various initiatives and grants to further spur adoption for both residential and commercial markets.

One example is the joint grant call by EMA and Shell that targets small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to develop smart energy management systems that integrate solar power energy generation and energy storage systems (ESS).

Another scheme to encourage the adoption of solar power is the Enhanced Central Intermediary Scheme (ECIS) and the Simplified Credit Treatment Scheme that targets small business and residential consumers.

These schemes allow consumers to sell back their excess solar-generated electricity back to the grid, incentivising more consumers to adopt solar power as the return on investment would be better.

More Solar Avenues Are Also Opening Up For Singapore Internationally

While solar energy adoption will continually grow in Singapore, there will still be land limitations.

Thankfully, one of the most ambitious projects, Sun Cable, will be exporting solar energy from Australia to Singapore via a submarine cable.

This project will be the world’s biggest solar farm and if successful, might produce and supply up to 20% of Singapore’s electricity needs.

At iSwitch, we welcome such international initiatives and support it as it will allow Singapore consumers to have better energy diversity, liberalisation as well as embrace more renewable energy options.


iSwitch – Embracing & Contributing To Singapore’s Solar Future

With a bright solar future coming within reach, at iSwitch, we believe in solar energy for the home and we seek to help homeowners in Singapore adopt solar power.

One of the challenges of adoption is storing and conserving any excess solar energy to maximise savings. 


That’s why we have partnered with sonnen, a world-class battery storage company (owned by Shell) to help provide Singapore households with their very own battery storage system.

Learn more about battery storage for Singapore homes here.

In addition, we are also actively helping homes with solar panels switch their main electricity supply from SP to us, allowing these households to buy carbon-neutral electricity, enjoy monthly savings while still benefiting from their solar energy being generated!

Discover more about our sustainability and solar efforts here!

Do Your Part & Go Green With Your Electricity Supply

While not every home can participate in solar power adoption, you can still do your part by utilizing carbon-neutral electricity.

At iSwitch, not only do we offer that in all of our residential plans, it comes at no additional cost – while you continually enjoy savings every single month off your electric bill!

Check out our electricity price plans – it’s time to switch and save!


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