Residential – Open Electricity Market

iSwitch – Your Preferred Electricity Retailer

iSwitch as a licensed Electricity Retailer has helped more than 3,000 commercial and industrial entities to save on their electricity cost. With our competitive price plans, value added services and excellent customer service our customers pay less for electricity while maintaining the same reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid.

What is the Open Electricity Market? 

From the second half of 2018, all 1.34 million households in Singapore will be given the opportunity to choose their preferred electricity retailer. The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has announced a soft launch Open Electricity Market as a test bed of the full launch in April 2018 in the Jurong area only. For more information please visit:

This soft launch of the Open Electricity Market, previously referred to as Full Retail Contestability (FRC), will allow a total of 108,000 residential consumers and 9,500 business consumers to have the option of switching from SP Services to iSwitch, without the security of supply being affected.

How does this affect you?

iSwitch is gearing up for this soft launch and have designed specific value plans that help you save but also offer partner product bundles and an enhanced customer experience through our customer portal and Mobile App. If you are living in the Jurong area premises starting with the postal code 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64 you will have the privilege of being one of the first residential customers in Singapore to receive these benefits.