Save Up To 30%
When You Switch Your Electricity Retailer

Save Money, While Saving The Environment

An example of a family who switched and saved on their home electricity bill after changing electricity provider. By signing up online, they also enjoyed green electricity at no additional cost!

A family living in Singapore signed up online with iSwitch. Before the Open Electricity Market (OEM) launch there was no choice on which residential electricity provider to select, SP Group was the default.  So, once they calculated the savings it was an easy decision to make.

They chose the:

Fixed Rate Green Certified Price Plan: ‘Chope’ the Rate (24 Months)
Regulated Tariff  ‘Chope’ the Rate (24 Months) Estimated Savings

*Rates inc. GST. Based on Regulated Tariff 1st Jan- 31st Mar 2020.

Select One Of The Signature Price Plans

Chope The Rate

Lock in your fixed electricity prices so you know exactly how much to budget every month.

Super Saver Discount

This type of price plan allows you to save more with a significant discount off the prevailing Regulated Tariff.

Why Choose iSwitch As Your Electricity Retailer


Flexible Contract

We offer a variety of electricity price plans from 12 months to 36 months contract to best suit your power supply needs.


Multiple Payment Options

Convenient and multiple payment options, pay by credit card, AXS or GIRO.


Self Service Portal & Mobile App

Offering an easy online account management, access your bills and more on the go!


Go Green With No Additional Cost

Receive green certified carbon neutral electricity, your bill states the amount of carbon emissions offset.


Enjoy A Wide Range Of Sign Up Perks

iSwitch is making electricity a lifestyle choice by offering attractive perks.

When Can You Switch To An Electricity Retailer

The Open Electricity Market (OEM) in May 2019, liberalised the market in Singapore to allow all households the ability to buy electricity from a retailer, such as iSwitch. iSwitch is proud to be the largest independent retailer in Singapore, lighting up more than 80,000 homes. We enable you to save on your electricity bills with affordable price plans, to best suit your lifestyle needs.

For more information about the OEM, please click here.

How To Switch And Sign Up Online In 3 Easy Steps

Select A Price Plan

Compare all our cost effective plans and select the one that suits you.

Enter Your Details

All you need is your SP Account number and NRIC number, it takes 5 minutes to fill in the form.

Switch And Save

Don’t worry, there is no change in meter or interruption to your electricity supply.

A Few Common Questions

How do I switch my electricity retailer?

  • You can sign up on the iSwitch website by choosing your preferred electricity price plan and filling in the online form with your details. All you need is your NRIC and SP Account Number. The process takes about 5 minutes.
  • If you need assistance with the online sign up you can reach out to us here.
  • If you have more questions you can drop by one of our roadshows and speak to an iSwitch ambassador. Roadshow locations can be found here

What are the types of electricity price plans?

  • Discount off regulated tariff plans: This type of plan offers a discount off the prevailing regulated tariff price.
  • Fixed price plans: These plans enable you to lock in a fixed rate per kWh throughout the duration of your contract. This means the rate is not subjected to market fluctuations every quarter.

Will there be a disruption to my power supply when I switch electricity retailer?

Your electricity supply will not be affected. The process of switching electricity supplier is completely administrative and will be taken care of by the iSwitch team and SP Services Ltd.

Will there be an additional charge on Transmission Loss-Factor (TLF)?

There will be no charge for residential consumers on Transmission Loss-Factor.

Are there any rewards for referring a friend?

Once you are an iSwitch customer you can refer your friends to sign up with iSwitch; for every successful sign up you will receive 500 points (equivalent to $50 bill rebate). To share your unique code you can simply log in to the Self Service Portal (SSP) and share the code via text, email and social media.

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