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How do I know if I am eligible to switch retailer?

Eligible customers are residents of Jurong area only with a postal code starting with 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64. If you are living in Jurong you can view our price plans here and sign up today. We will extend our service to the rest of Singapore within 2nd half 2018 when EMA approves it. You may enter your email here to receive information on the full launch date.

Will there be any disruption of electricity supply if I switch to iSwitch?

Your electricity supply will not be affected by the transfer as the process is purely administrative and performed electronically by our iSwitch team. It is a seamless transfer of account executed in the system that is managed and operated by the Market Support Services Licensee (‘MSSL’), SP Services Ltd.

How do I switch?

The sign-up process is very simple and only requires a few minutes. Check your eligible to switch, compare the price plans and proceed to the online sign up.

How long will it take to do the transfer?

The transfer takes up to 12 calendar days upon successful application.

Does iSwitch require a deposit?

Yes, the deposit amount equivalent it to 1 month bill. It is billed in your first month bill and may be revised annually.

Can I transfer the security deposit from SP Group to iSwitch?

Your security deposit will cannot be transferred. It will be refunded by SP Services upon transfer.

What are the payment terms?

14 days.


How can I view my bill?

Sign in to iSwitch Customer Portal to view and download your bill at your own convenience.

When are the monthly bills issued?

You will receive your invoice on the calendar day from your last day of your billing period.

How can I pay my iSwitch bill?

For your convenience, you can choose to pay via iSwitch Portal with your credit card, apply for GIRO payment, via AXS machines islandwide or through AXS portal and mobile app. We do not accept cheque payments.

Where can I get the GIRO form?

GIRO application form can be downloaded from our website via this link. For DBS/POSB account holders you can apply online here.

I have submitted GIRO form, what is the status?

If you submit your GIRO application by post it will take 2-6 weeks to process after submission. Customers are advised to make payments manually until you receive a confirmation email from iSwitch.

I have been paying my bills by GIRO, can I change the payment mode?

If you wish to terminate your GIRO payment mode, you can login to your online account to make the change.

When is the final bill issued?

On the next billing cycle after the account is closed.

If I terminate the contract, when can I receive the security deposit?

Refund of the security deposit takes up to 1 month to process after a full settlement of the outstanding balance under the terminated account.

Can I receive a hardcopy of my bill?

iSwitch offers paperless billing. If you wish to have a hard copy of the bill, you can login to your account to print.


How do I know when my contract ends?

Our price plans offer a variety of contract durations depending on your preference. Your contract end date will be clearly stated in your contract upon successful transfer.

What happens when my contract ends?

If you do not renew your contract or select a new price plan you will continue to be billed monthly based on 5% discount-off SP Services tariff.

How far in advanced can I renew my contract?

iSwitch will contact you with our latest promotions 1 month before your contract end-date.

Moving House

I am moving. What do I do?

If you are moving to a new house in Singapore, you will need to end the contract and open a new account with SP Services. Upon opening a new account, you can then reapply with iSwitch.

Can my contract to be transferred to a new premise?

The contract cannot be transferred to a new premise address.

When moving to a new house, will the early termination costs occur?

If you are moving to a new house in Singapore, early termination costs will apply, but if you were to recontract with iSwitch for your new premise the amount will be credited to your new account. If you are being forced to leave Singapore for employment reasons, please provide a confirmation letter from your company’s Human Resource department for our consideration to waive the early termination fees.

Can my contract to be transferred to the new owner/tenant of my premise?

The existing account must be closed and the new occupant of the premise is required to apply to sign up on behalf of their own account. Early Termination Costs may apply depending on your contract.


What are the different type of meters?

There are two types of electricity meters:
Static Residential Load Profile (SRLP) meter is a cumulative meter used by most households to measure electricity consumption. These meters are read on a bi-monthly basis by SP Group (Sp Services). On the months where the meters are not read, SP Group (SP Services) will estimate the month’s consumption. The other option is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters which measure electricity consumption remotely at half-hourly intervals and SP PowerGrid impose a one-time installation fee of $40 per AMI meter (exclusive of GST).

Who is responsible for meter reading?

SP Group (SP Services) will remain responsible for the meter reading. 

If the meter is faulty, how will iSwitch bill for my consumption?

Report any meter faults to SP PowerGrid and they will schedule an appointment at your premise. SP Services will determine the meter reading to be billed base on the Metering Code approved by EMA.

Referral & Rewards

How do I check if my friend is an existing iSwitch customer?

Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to disclose the information on whether your friend is already iSwitch customer. Your referral must be a new customer to iSwitch.

How do I check and redeem my loyalty points?

Log in to your iSwitch portal to check your reward points.

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