Rising Electricity Bills? These 6 Appliances At Home Consume The Most Electricity!

Rising Electricity Bills? These 6 Appliances At Home Consume The Most Electricity!

Get a shock when you look at your electricity bill each month?

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to cut down on your electricity consumption (and your resulting bill). You just need to be aware of what appliances are eating up the most energy, and tweak your habits accordingly.

In this blog post, we discuss the 8 home appliances that consume the most electricity, so that you can stop breaking the bank. Read on to find out more!

1. Air Conditioner

Yes, we get that it’s crazy hot in Singapore, but if you sleep in air conditioning every single night, you’ll definitely rack up a huge electricity bill each month.

How to save money:

  • Programme your air conditioner to shut off after 4 or 6 hours each night
  • Go without air conditioning in the cooler months (December, January)
  • Switch to a portable air conditioner which consumes less electricity

And our personal favourite… wear fewer items of clothing (or thinner pieces of clothing) when you sleep so that you’ll be less warm. This also helps you save money on laundry.

2. Water Heater

Most Singaporeans consider water heaters a necessity, not a luxury… but if you keep these heaters switched on for a big part of the day, this will definitely increase your electricity bill by a fair bit.

How to save money:

  • Turn off your water heater whenever you’re not using it. It just takes two seconds to do this, so start making it a habit.
  • Take lukewarm or cold showers (cold showers are said to improve blood circulation, so that’s a win-win).

3. Lights

Fancy light fixtures (such as back lights that illuminate TVs and lit-up neon signs) are becoming increasingly popular, but if you keep these switched on all the time, they’ll cost you a pretty penny.

How to save money:

  • Turn on lights selectively – don’t keep your entire apartment lit up if you’re only using the living room.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs. Check out IKEA’s LED bulbs – these consume 85% less energy than normal incandescent bulbs.
  • Use light fixtures that feature single bulbs instead of multiple bulbs (track lights, for instance, are a no-no).

4. Washing Machine

Every time you turn on your washing machine, you’re not just paying for the electricity that the machine consumes – you’re also paying to keep your water heater running.

How to save money:

  • Buy an energy efficient washing machine.
  • Rewear clothes instead of washing them after every use (especially jeans!)
  • Wash clothes using cold instead of hot water. This also helps keep the colours of your clothes bright.
  • If your washing machine has an “eco-cycle” setting, use it.
  • Pre-soak stains or use stain remover instead of washing stained clothing multiple times.

5. Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher might lessen your burden of doing the dishes manually, but it’ll also contribute a fair amount to your electricity bill. If you have to own a dishwasher, make sure you use this efficiently.

How to save money:

  • Scrape leftover bits of food away before loading your dishes into the dishwasher
  • Wash full loads instead of partial loads
  • Let dishes air-dry instead of drying in the dishwasher

6. Refrigerator

You can’t go without a fridge, but there are ways of reducing the energy that your fridge consumes every month. Basically, don’t tax or overwork your fridge too much.

How to save money:

  • Let hot foods cool down before putting them in the fridge
  • Don’t place your fridge near sources of heat (eg your oven)
  • Make sure your fridge doesn’t get empty – when this happens, it’ll have to work harder to retain the cold air within it.

7. Television

Unless you (or someone in your family) binge-watches Korean dramas on the TV all day long, you probably won’t incur a huge electricity bill due to your TV alone. That said, you might still want to optimize your usage, and save energy wherever you can.

How to save money:

  • Purchase an energy-efficient TV
  • If you watch the same on-demand shows as your family members, have everyone watch the show together
  • Turn down the brightness and contrast on your TV screen

8. Computer

If you’re always glued to your computer, you might have the habit of leaving it switched on and plugged in (so you can access it as and when you like). Obviously, this will take a toll on your electricity bill!

How to save money:

  • Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer
  • Switch off your computer instead of leaving it in “Sleep” mode
  • Turn down the brightness and contrast on your computer screen when watching videos

Aside from tweaking your usage of the above-mentioned appliances, you can also cultivate these habits to save on your water and energy bills.

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