6 Ways To Upgrade Yourself & Your Skills!

6 Ways To Upgrade Yourself & Your Skills!

If you have been staying at home a lot, you might be wondering how to maximise the time you have instead of endlessly clicking through Netflix! Instead of looking at this as a period of boredom and hassle, it can be a blessing in disguise for self-improvement not just in your personal life but in your professional career as well. 

In this article, we will go through 6 great ways you can upgrade yourself and your skills to help transform you into a smarter, healthier and more skilled version of you!

1) Learn Valuable Skills From An Online Course

In today’s new economy, it will be wise to upgrade your skill set with marketable skills that you can use to make yourself more valuable in your current position or even better – skills that allow you to freelance during your spare time.

With many course providers such as Skillshare and Udemy, you will be able to access a wide range of courses that will match your interest at great prices of between $20 to $50. In fact, providers like Coursera have many popular courses that are free!

Want to become a professional photographer for weddings in the future? There is a course for that!

Want to learn how to edit videos and start your own videography agency down the road? Look no further, there is also a course for that!

Depending on your skill level, you will be able to learn at your own pace or learn as extensively as possible to become an expert as fast as possible.

online course

2) Exercise & Stay Healthy With Online Workout Videos

With gyms getting closed and even stadiums getting shut down in the interim, getting healthy isn’t easy during this period even if you are pumped with motivation.

Thankfully there is the internet and lots of helpful health professionals teaching us to keep fit through their online workout videos. From kickboxing and yoga to weight training and High-intensity cardio fat burning, there is a wealth of online workout videos that you can benefit from to stay trim and fit from the comfort of your home.

Fitness First Singapore’s Facebook page provides energetic exercise recordings that you can participate in while Fitness Blender’s videos provide you with step-by-step instructional sessions. 

If YouTube is more your style, here are 3 awesome YouTube channels you can watch and follow to train well right at home:

home workout

3) Start Building Your Own Side Hustle Online

If you ever wanted to pursue your freelance career or start your own side hustle, you will need time to build your online presence – thankfully you should have lots of it now!

Every business, big or small, will require you to have your own professional website built in order for people and your customers to take you seriously. 

A quick way to get started would be to use a website builder like Wix, Squarespace or WordPress to build your very own website. Remember to take some time to plan out your web pages (about page, service page etc) as well think of a creative business name!

Here are a few other ways you can side hustle.

side hustle

4) Explore New Exciting Hobbies & Home Skills

Ever wanted to become a chess champion or wanted to learn home gardening to make those beautiful potted plants? Now you have spare time at home to pursue these hobbies and take the first step to get in action!

If you are wondering what type of hobbies there are to discover, here is a fantastic website you can explore to learn more about almost every hobby under the sun!

Always wanted to develop home skills? Now is a great time to pick up and learn cooking. Not only will you be able to whip up tasty dishes on a budget for the whole family, but there will also be less need to go out every day to buy takeaway meals back home.

While Udemy does have a whole host of cooking classes you can take, you can even go fancier with these 3 courses that are highly affordable.

In fact, you can also self-learn cooking completely free through YouTube classes by food experts eager to share their recipes! One such channel to discover is Spice N’ Pan’s cooking channel that dives deep into the world of local Singaporean cuisine!

home skills

5) Learn To Play A New Instrument

If you are interested in music, learning a new instrument can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can do right at home!

From keyboards and guitars to violin and drums, learning a new instrument is a great way to spend your time productively while also stimulating your creativity.

All you need to do is to go to YouTube to start learning your favourite instrument from coaches and professional musicians that provide free videos and tutorials you can take advantage of!

learn instrument

6) Update All of Your Professional Accounts & Network Professionally

Whether you are confined to your home due to a pandemic or just want to spend some time indoors, take this opportunity to beef up your professional online presence.

Here is some stuff you can start doing:

  • Set up and populate your LinkedIn profile: This will help you to showcase your entire work history, your skills, collect testimonials from your previous employers and connect with other professionals in your industry!
  • Update or write up your resume: It has probably been a while and we are sure you have learned quite a lot and accomplished quite a bit in your job. Take this time to write it up in your physical resume!
  • Build your creative portfolio: If you are a writer, designer or videographer, spend some time at home to update your online portfolio with your latest works to showcase your work and possibly even pick up work from it!

update account

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