5 Smart Home Products To Get For Singapore Households

5 Smart Home Products To Get For Singapore Households

It’s 2019 and our homes are getting smarter than ever! If you haven’t jumped onto the home automation bandwagon yet, the technology available today has never been more exciting and affordable!

Whether it is the desire to have your meals cooked by the time you reach home or your rooms getting vacuumed automatically, smartening up your home today is easy, affordable and just makes sense:

  • Home automation costs are lower than ever
  • Smart home tech is can be easily bought online or through physical stores
  • Set up is simple, easy and fast

If you are as excited as us in turning your home into a land of convenience, it’s time to discover the 5 smart home products to get to automate your home!

1. Secure Your Home In Convenience With A Smart Digital Lock

smart lock

Have you ever misplaced your house keys at home and have to leave in a hurry? 

With smart digital locks, say goodbye to the old fashioned key with keyless entry via RFID tags, fingerprints and pin numbers. 

Depending on your digital lock, you can even use your handphone (via an app) to open your door, especially useful if you have home-helpers around friends coming to visit when you aren’t physically available to open the door.

Here are 10 awesome smart digital locks you can consider!

2. Light Up Your Home & Enjoy Savings With Smart Plugs & Lightings

Every day your home uses electricity to power everything from your mobile charger and laptop to your television and air-con, but did you know that your lightings contribute the bulk of energy costs to your monthly bill?

With smart lightings, you can now automatically control when your lamps and lights in your living room from any part of the house you are in – talk about convenient!

Depending on the type of smart lightings you get, you might be able to also adjust the brightness of the bulbs, allowing you to set the mood for an intimate evening or brightly lit fit for a gathering of friends –  all through an app!

But why stop there? With smart plugs, you can amp up your energy savings to the next level by scheduling your power supply that turns on your home appliances when you wake up and switches them off before you leave the house or turn in for the night!

Getting smart LED lights for your home doesn’t have to be difficult, check out these options from Phillips & IKEA! If you are looking for smart plugs or outlets, this article will guide you through some great options!

3. Have Your Home Cleaned The Smart Way With Robot Vacuums

Let’s face it, vacuuming your home is a necessity but we dread to do it – it takes up time from our schedule and it could annoy the rest of our family with the noise made.

But thanks to the power of home automation, now you can get yourself a robot vacuum that can schedule cleaning times, preferences and even track how well it has cleaned your rooms, neat right?

It’s time to say goodbye to this house chore!Check out this article that highlights the top robot vacuums in Singapore to consider.

4. Prepare Meals Intelligently With A Smart Home Cooker

Like many Singaporean households, your kitchen is probably one of the busiest areas of your home, whipping up hearty and healthy meals for the whole family – however even preparing meals can get tiresome with our busy schedules.

But with a smart home cooker, you can now also automate the cooking process whipping up tasty meals for not just yourself, but for family and friends too.

If you are looking to consider a smart home cooker, a smart oven is a great way to get started. Here are some of the best options to consider!

5. Front Door Automation With A Smart Doorbell

Ever had a package or food delivery coming over to your home but you are in the office or in the shower?

Instead of fretting and postponing the things you have to do for a simple delivery whose timing you probably can’t exactly control. With a smart doorbell, you will get to view any visitors or delivery people from the convenience of your smartphone and even share the viewing access with the rest of your family members that are at home to help you attend to them if you are outside.

Want a comparison of the top smart video doorbells? Here is a list to consider – find out which of these also integrate with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant too!

Smarten Up Your Household Electricity Plan Too!

If you are wondering, how do I pay for these gadgets and technology to automate my home? With the savings from your electricity bill once you switch to an electricity retailer like iSwitch!

Depending on your lifestyle needs, there are plans that guarantee you a fixed price to help you with your budgeting needs or our discount off tariff plans that guarantee you a discount off the tariff rates.

And with up to hundreds of dollars saved annually, you can easily turn your home into an automated and smart one!

Ready to switch?

Check out our residential plans here to enjoy savings off your electricity bill plus attractive rewards. 

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