Support Our Local Businesses – 5 Things You Can Do To Help!

Support Our Local Businesses – 5 Things You Can Do To Help!

Did you know? Local businesses and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of the economy and contribute to around 66% of all employment in Singapore. While we are enduring and doing our best to get through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many small businesses that we know are struggling to survive – many owners and employees jobs might be on the line!

Whether you have money to spare, time to help, let us band together and do what we can to help our local businesses tide through the tough times and thrive! The following businesses mentioned below are some of iSwitch’s commercial customers so let us show them our support through this difficult period!

1) Order More Delivery Meals From Our Favorite Eateries & Restaurants

One of the biggest hit local businesses are our restaurants, cafes and eateries. With social distancing and even a shutdown preventing customers from dining in, a huge part of their business is affected. You can probably tell – in April, all restaurants were empty and only takeaways were allowed!

One way we can help is to order takeaways from our favourite restaurants near our homes, or even better, get it delivered by our friendly delivery services such as GrabFood or foodpanda. Not only will you be helping restaurants earn precious money during this period, but you will also be helping the delivery men and women tide through this tough few months with some additional income.

Here are two local cafes and restaurants that deserve your support!

Super Loco

Open 7 days a week, one such restaurant you can support is Super Loco that sells delicious tacos, healthy bowls, yummy salads and even margaritas! You can show your support by ordering here for home delivery.

Customers who live within a 1km vicinity from the restaurants will be able to enjoy free deliveries with a small minimum spend of $20, hand-delivered with love by the Loco staff!

That’s not all, join in their DIY taco competition, where the most creatively pimped-out taco submitted with the hashtag #LocoTacoChallenge on Instagram will win a $200 dining voucher!

Rise and Grind

Located in Oasis Terraces, Punggol, Rise and Grind is a Singapore-based cafe and family-friendly restaurant well known for its Pulled Pork burger and speciality coffee.

Take advantage of 20% off the entire bill over here. Order home nutritious meals, from breakfast to dinner today! 

Or if you prefer you can order via Grab to receive free delivery! 

Cafe Melba

This award-winning family-friendly restaurant is famous for its breakfast all day, traditional weekend roasts and more. You’re also now able to order delivery meals from their delivery partners via Grab or Deliveroo. More about them here.

2) Shop For Your Favorite Clothes Online

While Singapore’s economy will eventually recover, small local businesses will need the money and your patronage in order to survive in the short-term. And it’s no wonder, they will need cash to pay for their rental as well as the salaries of their employees!

One great way to help local businesses, especially clothing stores that have brick and mortar presences, is to shop on their online store! This alone will help local businesses with their cash flow, making it a little easier to survive and stay open over the next few months.

One such local clothing line we can get behind is Château de Sable that has been around in Singapore since 2003! Known for making clothes for children, from the time of their birth to 14 years old, they take pride in their high-quality fabric and exquisite finishing on their children’s and baby clothes that are perfect for casual wear and occasion dressing.

With 7 stores across the country (which are now closed due to the circuit-breaker measures), Château de Sable also has an online store where you can take advantage of their promotion as they deliver islandwide and abroad throughout this circuit breaker period.

Just go and shop at their online store here and use the promo code “WELCOME10” to enjoy SGD10 off your first purchase.

Do take note of their new baby sets called Bundles of Joy that caters for all the essential baby clothing items – a perfect gift for new babies!

shop local

3) Support Local Home Repair Businesses

Don’t you just hate it when your home starts to break down – especially during this COVID-19 period where we are all forced to stay at home!

From broken plumbing to your electrical appliances going haywire, the last thing you want to endure is your aircon breaking down! Instead of fretting and trying to handle the repairs yourself, why not support local home repair businesses and leave it to the professionals?

One such local business is Yeobuild Home Repair that has been around in Singapore since 1980! They are a PUB licensed and ELISE licensed vendor that is authorised to fix your gas and plumbing needs as well as providing quality home repair works for 17 different services!

In fact, they also cover a variety of appliance repair including your refrigerator, oven, dryer, water heater and air conditioner! Take advantage of their current promotion of 20% service fee discount to all services requisitions from customers coming from this article!

Just let them know you have read about them from iSwitch!

local repair

4) Send Flowers To Loved Ones

During these tough times, one of the sweetest ways we can show our care and concern to our loved ones is through sending them flowers! Whether it is sending to our parents or significant other, this is one sure way to lift up their spirits and perk them up. One awesome local e-commerce florist you can support is Floristique.

Established in Singapore over 2 years ago, they are specialised in creating beautiful flower bouquets and have the largest collection of flower bouquets online in Singapore and are highly recommended on Facebook!

Order online today, show your support and enjoy their latest promotion using the code “Floristique05” and get 5% off on all items!

send flowers

5) Write Reviews Of Your Favorite Stores & Establishment

From your favourite bubble tea shops to that tasty curry puff stall and hipster cafe, one way you can help for free is to write a good review (please be genuine about it) for their store.

All you need to do is to search through Facebook for their brand page or Google search for their store location and write them a review for everyone else in Singapore to see. If you find their food tasty, write about it! If you feel their customer service is top-notch, give them a good review! This will help them recover faster once the economy picks up as well as help them in the short-term with more delivery takeaway orders.

write reviews

Support Our Local Businesses With Savings Off Your Electricity Bill!

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