Have A Sustainable Christmas With These 12 Eco-Friendly Tips!

Have A Sustainable Christmas With These 12 Eco-Friendly Tips!

Christmas season is here once again! Before you go ahead and buy gifts and decorations, take a moment to stop and think about whether you are making the best choice for the environment. 

To tap into your inner green warrior, here are our 12 tips for an eco-friendly and sustainable Christmas!

Tip 1: Opt For A Live Tree Instead Of A Plastic One

Artificial Christmas trees are made of plastic and metal, which uses a ton of resources to produce. The worst part is these trees are almost impossible to recycle!

To avoid this, opt for a live Christmas tree instead. 

Real Christmas trees can be positive for the climate as it creates an environment that is beneficial in removing carbon from the atmosphere. Live potted trees can also be used for years and also replanted when it becomes too big. 

christmas tree

Tip 2: Rent Your Christmas Tree

If real Christmas trees are a little out of your budget, renting one may be a more affordable and greener solution for you. 

Through this, you don’t have to worry about your tree ending up as waste once the festive season wraps up. 

Tip 3: Send Unique Plantable Christmas Cards

There’s nothing quite like receiving a traditional Christmas card in the mail from your loved ones. But what if we told you that you can elevate them and make them plantable? 

These eco-friendly greeting cards are made from seed paper and embedded with wildflowers, which are incredibly simple to plant. 

All you have to do is tear up the finished card, pop it into some soil, and wait for it to bloom into a beautiful wildflower in just a few weeks. 

This is a great way to reduce the excessive paper waste generated during the holiday season. 

christmas cards

Tip 4: Reduce Your Food Waste By Buying Less 

Food waste is one of the biggest sources of waste in the country. In 2019 alone, Singapore has generated around 744 million kilos of food waste, which is equivalent to around 51,000 double-decker buses!

We know the festive season calls for a great deal of feasting, but there’s a way to do this without producing as much waste. Be objective when planning out your grocery list and only buy what you need


Tip 5: Buy Your Gifts & Food Local 

Did you know that something as simple as getting a gift shipped from overseas can increase your transportation carbon footprint tremendously? 

Imagine how much plastic and paper packaging is flying across the globe at any given time when products are purchased from online retailers. 

Instead, support your small businesses in the area and buy locally made goods. In this way, you are creating sustainable purchasing habits and supporting your local community at the same time. 

To go the extra mile this gifting season, try buying eco-friendly gifts from local brands like The Green Collective and The Social Space that offers a variety of zero-waste products.

local food

Tip 6: Use LED lightings For Your Home Decor & Christmas Tree

When it comes to purchasing Christmas lights, most people wouldn’t give a second thought about buying the cheapest option on the shop stands.

But did you know that LED lights use at least 75% less energy compared to incandescent lights?

Compared to using filaments to produce light, LED Christmas lights also use light-emitting diodes, which lasts over 25 times longer than incandescent lightings, making them far more durable.

That means you save on both your electricity bill & overall bulb cost!

LED lights

Tip 7: Use Environmentally Friendly Wrapping Paper For Your Gifts

Most wrapping paper used for presents cannot be recycled and are bound to end up in a landfill after use. Other decorative features of gifts such as ribbons and bows also eventually end up in recycling centres. 

Colourful and vibrant wrapping paper is often laminated, dyed, or contains non-paper additives like glitter and plastic, which cannot be recycled. 

For more environmentally-friendly options, make the switch to sustainable alternatives such as recycled craft paper, gift baskets, newspapers, tin cans and jars, fabric scraps, and even reusable shopping bags—the options are endless! 

wrapping paper

Tip 8: Buy Plastic-Free Green Gifts

While there are numerous recycling initiatives set up by the government, only 4% of plastic actually gets recycled here in Singapore. 

Many might find it a challenge to go buy plastic-free gifts as plastic packaging can be found in almost everything now.

To combat this, find alternatives that don’t come in plastic packaging or ones that are packaged with recyclable materials or opt to buy a zero-waste gift such as a beautiful potted plant or even a digital subscription to their favourite services such as Netflix or a digital book on Kindle!


Tip 9: Shop For Quality & Not Quantity

Sometimes, less is truly more when it comes to the holidays. 

When buying gifts, consider spending a little more for better quality items as opposed to something inexpensive but will wear out in a short amount of time. 

Avoid buying gifts that will end up being unused or worse, thrown away. Instead, choose a gift that lists by purchasing items with value, meaning, and use. 

shop quality

Tip 10: Knit & Make Handcrafted Decorations

We know that it can be quite the challenge to avoid getting carried away with buying decorations. 

They’re affordable, easily accessible, and simply just the more convenient choice. 

But before you head out to the stores to buy bags of shiny plastic tinsel, try getting crafty and consider making your own handcrafted decorations. You can make all sorts of creations from ornaments, lanterns, wreaths, and even garlands

Head to your local craft store where you can find an abundance of different materials to use and get cracking. 

Not only is this going to cost you less, but you can also get the rest of the family involved in a creative exercise!


Tip 11: Have Meat-Free Christmas Dinner Menu

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as eating less meat can actually help the environment

The livestock industry is a major driver of climate change globally and generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks and automobiles combined. 

Due to urbanisation and rising meat consumption, this can have lasting impacts on the environment.

To ease into it, try having a meat-free Christmas dinner menu this year. There are a bunch of plant-based alternatives that taste just as good as meat. 

If you prefer to dine out instead, there are various restaurants around Singapore that offer a variety of meat-free meals such as Afterglow and The Boneless Kitchen. 

meat free

Tip 12: Go Digital & Send Christmas E-Cards & E-Invitations Instead

For most people that celebrate Christmas, it is an annual tradition to send out personalised holiday cards to friends and family as a way of wishing them a merry Christmas. 

Thanks to the internet and the advancement of technology that we enjoy today, you can send season’s greetings to your loved ones through digital holiday cards.

Some may still enjoy the tangible feeling of receiving a card made from traditional paper, but the logistical factors involved from making and printing the card to having it delivered to various parts of the world is actually increasing your carbon footprint. 

By choosing to go digital, you are also choosing to be kinder to the environment. 


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