Go Green With Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Furniture In Singapore!

Go Green With Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Furniture In Singapore!

When it comes to going green, we often think about recycling or reducing plastic waste, but did you know you can transform your home itself into a statement of sustainable living?

Thankfully, it is not only easy to furnish the interiors of your home with eco-friendly furniture, it is actually rather practical and beneficial to do so.

Not only does the furniture last for decades and are made from natural materials, they are often visually pleasing as well, allowing you to add an element of glamour, style and tranquillity to your home!

Plus, let’s guide you with some sustainable selections to furnish your home office, allowing you to work green as well.

Here are some eco-friendly and sustainable furniture brands and concepts you can purchase for your home right here in Singapore.

5 Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands In Singapore To Check Out

1. IKEA Singapore

We all are familiar with IKEA, but did you know they are also strong advocates for sustainable living and eco-friendly furniture?

With a commitment to using only renewable and recycled materials for their products by 2030, IKEA is a great (and economical) choice to get your green furnishings!

If you are a freelancer or looking for a quick desk for your home office set-up, be sure to check out their range of laptop desk – our favourite is the KNOTTEN standing desk!


Learn more at their website here.

Instagram: @ikeasingapore

2. Commune 

With a belief in human-centric furniture, Commune prides themselves on the functionality and aesthetics of their furnishings.

With a focus on sustainability, not only do they have products crafted from recycled materials and ethically sourced wood from sustainably-managed forests, their furniture is also designed with the intention of minimising wastage.

Be sure to check out their selection of office chairs from the bare minimalist to luxurious armchairs for that boss-feel.


Learn more at their website here.

Instagram: @communehome_official

3. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is perfect to give your home a European-style furnishing makeover with a grand selection of highly comfy furniture (some are even made with recyclables!)

The wood and timber used in their furniture selections are FSC-Certified, ensuring the furnishings’ materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Be sure to check out their home office collections as well as their list of sustainable furniture here!


Learn more at their website here.

Instagram: @crateandbarrelsg

4. Originals

Originals features a really wide range of eco-friendly furniture that are known for their simple, clean and classic design which prize functionality and practicality.

Originals source their furniture materials from sustainable sources without compromising on their elegant and minimalist design that many will love.

If you are looking for a solid office desk, do check out their home office furniture collections – specifically the teak desks. They are FSC certified and come from sustainably sourced plantation teak.


Learn more at their website here.

Instagram: @originalsfurniture

5. Journey East

Looking to give your home office that rustic and vintage look? Then Journey East is right up your furnishing alley!

The brand has a good collection of sustainable furniture including eco-friendly reclaimed teak wood pieces and recycled iron pipes – perfect for that post-industrial feel.

Build your home office from beautiful reclaimed wood with their reclaimed wood furniture D-BODHI collection.


Learn more at their website here.

Instagram: @journeyeast

5 Handy Tips To Note When Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Furniture

1) Ensure You Are Buying Sustainable Wood With The Proper Certifications

Before you buy that swanky looking teakwood table, check if the furniture meets the requirements to be labelled eco-friendly and sustainable.

Three of the most common international certifications in Singapore include:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC): Signifies that in the making of the product, the forest operations meet their requirements.
  • The Programme For Endorsement Of Forest Certification (PEFC): Signifies that the forest where the product is made has met the requirements for sustainable forest management.
  • The Greenguard Certification: Which identifies that the products have low chemicals emissions.

2) Opt For Furniture Made From Recycled Materials

While it is good to source your furniture from sustainable forests, why not take it a step further and opt for furniture made from recycled materials!

Look out for the Rediscovered Wood Certification, wood here have been repurposed from old buildings, fences and river logs, allowing you to breathe new life to your home with them.

3) Go For Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most versatile (and fast-growing) sustainable materials that can be used for furniture.

Not only will it be normally cheaper compared to traditional wood alternatives, but they also provide a stylish modern alternative throughout your home – from the study room to the living room.

4) Make Sure Your Furniture Is Toxic-Free & Flame Retardant Free

The last thing you want is your piece of furniture to be releasing harmful substances and chemicals into the air.

From VOCs to flame retardants, it is important to ensure your furniture is free from all these chemicals which are harmful to both your health and the environment.

Always check their labelling, ask the store and watch for the Greenguard certification which should be present for eco-friendly furniture.

5) Buy Furniture That Can Be Easily Disassembled & Recycled

Furniture that is eco-friendly and easily recyclable are those which are usually easy to disassemble.

This is key to really ensure your furniture is sustainable is to check if they are made up of inseparable complex parts – those which are made up of a combination of materials (such as wood, metal, plastic, glass) makes it difficult to be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Plus they would normally cost more too!

Looking for more eco-friendly tips to greenify your home?

Here’s our guides to green-friendly cleaning tips as well as eco-friendly home products you should definitely try!


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