How Do I Read My Bill?

We have developed a sample bill to help you better understand what you are paying every month. Simply hover your mouse over the sections
for more details.


Billing Address

The invoice will be mailed to this address.

Contact Person

Contact Person

2-Tax Invoice

Invoice Number

Invoice number that is issued by iSwitch.

iSwitch Account Number

Account number that is issued by iSwitch. Always quote this number when contacting iSwitch.


Account number that is issued by the MSSL.

Security Deposit Type

This reflects the method of payment that you have opted to pay the security deposit.

Security Deposit Amount

This shows the security deposit amount held by iSwitch.

Payment Mode

This reflects the method of payment that you have opted to pay the monthly invoice.

Billing Cycle

This refers to the period of time between billing statements. Billing cycles do not necessarily line up with calendar months.

Billing Period

This refers to the duration which the invoice applies to (both dates inclusive).

Payment Due

This refers to the due date for payment of the invoice. For payments via GIRO, deduction will be made on the due date or the next banking day if the due date falls on a non-banking day.

Rate Schedule Class

High Tension refers to consumers taking supplies at 22kV or 6.6kV and with a Contracted Capacity of at least or less than 1,700kW.

HTL: High Tension Large

HTS: High Tension Small

Low Tension refers to consumers taking supplies at 400V/230V.

LT: Low Tension

3-Summary of Charges

Previous Balance

This reflects the total balance amount due from the previous invoice(s).

Payment Received

This reflects the amount received for payment before the invoice due date.

Opening Balance

This reflects any outstanding balance amount due for payment from the previous invoice(s) in addition to the current invoice’s payable amount.

Total current charges

This reflects the amount due for payment in the current invoice.

Total Amount Payable

This reflects the total amount due for payment to date. All payments are required to be received before the due date to avoid any possible late charges imposed.

4-Premise Address

Premise Address

This refers to where the electricity is being used, and which the invoice applies to.

5-Consumption Chart

Consumption Chart

This chart shows the monthly electricity consumption for the past 6 months in kWh.

iSwitch Referral Program

If you refer a business partner and they sign up with iSwitch, you will be rewarded with $100 voucher.