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Is An Electric Car The Best Way To Go Green In The Lion City?

We all have heard about them, know someone who owns one and we have probably ridden in one before – we are talking about electric cars of course! While we are hearing new breakthroughs and swifter models almost every single year, 100% electric cars really only began showing up from 2010 onwards with the Nissan Leaf being the world’s first major manufactured fully electric vehicle.

That means the cars you sat in before 2010 – with the driver calling it electric – was most likely a hybrid car that ran on a mixture of gasoline and electricity, switching between the two depending on if it was cruising or accelerating.

But perhaps the true mark of going green is the complete switch to 100% all-electric car and no company is more committed to producing fully electric cars than Tesla.

Leading The Green Revolution On The Roads

When the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, first began the company, he decided to commit fully to producing a car that is sleek looking – unlike many of the ugly hatchback options still seen today, as well as powered by a cleaner form of energy – electricity.

While many companies from Ford and Nissan first came to market, Tesla accomplished something the rest couldn’t. Tesla has made electric cars desirable, cool and popular. From onboard software that auto-updates to self-driving capabilities, it is no wonder that quite a few Singaporeans are jumping over various hurdles to import their very own Tesla cars from the Californian manufacturer!

So How Good Are Tesla Cars For The Environment?

When we first compare the emissions of Electric Vehicles (EV) versus that of gasoline vehicles, we can see that electric cars on average emits only 50% of greenhouse gases when compared to our traditional petrol cars – but wait, it gets better hor!

Because the way Tesla manufactures their cars by using nearly 0% of coal-generated electricity and their Gigafactory is to be fully powered from renewable energy by 2020, Tesla cars are actually being manufactured in a more environmentally friendlier way than other electric vehicles in the market!

But Does It Make Sense To Get One In Singapore?

Before we get too hyped up on Tesla cars, getting one on the road has been notoriously hard – someone tried and had to wait 1 year and had to pay a $15,000 electric vehicle fine instead! Even Elon Musk himself dropped our Prime Minister Lee a phone call to find out what was going on.

But has things changed? Thankfully it has!

When Elon Musk tweeted to a Tesla admirer in Singapore that “Singapore is a very prosperous city and yet has very few electric cars”, it was countered by unveiling that Singapore already has a scheme that grants electric vehicles up to $20,000 in tax breaks. Plus, electric vehicle drivers will avoid more than $10,000 in petrol duty over 10 years, sounds good right?

Hold on ah!

Unfortunately, Tesla cars have too much horse-power and might not qualify for the full rebates. In Singapore, there are only 348 fully electric cars registered, 3 are Tesla Model S’s and only 4 EVs that qualify for the maximum $20,000 rebate and none of them are Tesla cars. Two of the Teslas, however, only received $10,000 and $15,000 partial rebates respectively.

In fact, the Tesla Car models in Singapore today starts at a whopping S$426,800 (with COE included)…psst you can probably buy a five-room BTO flat with that amount lor!

Is There A Better Way To Go Green?

Thankfully there is a way where you can help the environment daily, not burn a big hole in your wallet and save money monthly too!

See that electric bill on your table? If you are an environmentalist and staying in Jurong, it is high time to take a look at your electricity plans. As from April onwards, Singapore’s Open Electricity Market is finally open to residents of Jurong first before extending to the rest of the nation!

You can choose to do your part for the environment by opting for a green electricity plan that supplies your household with carbon-neutral electricity. That means your electricity use has a net zero emissions effect on the environment, there is no carbon footprint at all!

Best of all, you will be enjoying guaranteed savings of the old electricity tariff from Singapore Power and there is no need to shell out S$400k+ for a Tesla car!

Interested in learning more about our green plans? Go here and enjoy guaranteed savings on your electric bill while helping the environment!

Not sure what green energy is? You can also check out our article that breaks down green energy here!


Dulwich College (Singapore) commits to 100% carbon neutral electricity

Dulwich College (Singapore) commits to 100% carbon neutral electricity Equivalent carbon offset of planting more than 35,000 trees Sets an example for the next generation

SINGAPORE, December 2017 – Dulwich College (Singapore) identifies that leading by example is the way of the future for environmental sustainability. Climate Change and Sustainable Development have become an important part of the teaching curriculum across Singapore. The Ministry of Education (MOE) encourages both government and private institutions, from primary to tertiary levels, to include environmental content in their academic studies and extra-curricular learning programs.

Dulwich College (Singapore) has become the first educational institution to take up iSwitch Electricity Retail’s newly launched “iSwitch2Green” product, allowing them to fully offset their carbon emissions via Carbon Credits. This program aims to look beyond just electricity costs savings, as it brings about environmental sustainability and awareness.

During their electricity contract period with iSwitch, Dulwich College (Singapore) will be offsetting a total of 7,000 tCO2e carbon emissions for 16,200 MWh of electricity used. This initiative provides the equivalent environmental benefit of planting more than 35,000 trees.

This promotion of carbon awareness also comes at a time when Singapore is preparing for a Carbon Tax, to be introduced in 2019. Using certified carbon credits to offset electricity emissions helps fund additional global renewable projects such as wind farms and solar projects.

As part of the program, iSwitch has also committed to contribute to the college’s teaching syllabus by providing educational contents and material, with the aim of explaining to the students and wider community the benefits of what has been achieved.

“Dulwich College (Singapore) believes in creating a sustainable and low carbon global community. By choosing to procure 100% carbon neutral electricity until the end of 2020, we are not only supporting renewable projects such as wind farms but also setting an example for our 2000 students. This initiative will filter down through to the next generation and help in the education and promotion of sustainable initiatives.” Dulwich College (Singapore) Headmaster, Nick Magnus.

“The leadership shown by Dulwich College (Singapore) in becoming one of the first schools in Singapore to commit to 100% carbon neutral electricity is exceptional. Their commitment to raise the level of carbon awareness within their own community and beyond provides a powerful message to its own students and an example for other institutions to follow.” iSwitch General Manager, Andrew Koscharsky.

For more information please visit Dulwich College (Singapore)

About iSwitch2Green – Carbon Efficiency Program

The “iSwitch2Green” program allows you to offset your carbon emissions created by electricity consumption, through purchasing UN Certified Carbon Credits via an electricity contract with iSwitch. For more information, visit iSwitch2Green