Spend Less Daily: 8 Simple Tips To Save More In Singapore!

Spend Less Daily: 8 Simple Tips To Save More In Singapore!

Living in Singapore isn’t cheap and it is steadily getting more expensive with each passing year, in fact, Singapore is ranked internationally as the most expensive country to live in!

Thankfully there are many ways we can incorporate good spending habits in our daily lives that will not only help us save more cash but also allow us to live a lifestyle that is more stress-free! So whether you are a student, working adult or a retiree, here are 8 simple tips you can use to save more money in Singapore!

1. Skip The Expensive Coffee – Go Local Or Do-It-Yourself!

Coffee in Singapore, especially from the big brands, can add up substantially and really chew away on your budget and before you know it, your hundreds of dollars poorer! 

Skip the $6 cup of cappuccino and go for a local kopi instead at your nearby Kopitiam – it’s three times cheaper! In fact, if you want to get your caffeine fix and save even more, why not brew your favourite blend of coffee at home.


2. Don’t Go Brand New – Buy Pre-owned Items

While new items always seem great, the price tag on it might burn a big hole in your wallet! Whether it is a coffee machine, a fancy dress or a gaming console, there are many people out there in the flea markets as well as online platforms (such as Carousell) that are selling their pre-owned items (that work just as well) at attractive discounts. 

We aren’t just talking about 10-20% off, some items can even go for half-price or cheaper!

3. Exercise For Free – Enjoy The City Sights & Nature

If you are considering signing up for a gym, you might want to reconsider – after all, the average membership will cost over $100 a month. There must be a better (and cheaper) way! 

Working in Singapore’s business district? Take a nice run around the city and Marina Bay area and take in breathtaking sights. Prefer a more natural setting? Work out in the various community parks in the neighbourhoods or take a hike at many of Singapore’s nature trails.

running in the park

4. Ditch The Taxi – Use Public Transportation

If you are consistently taking taxis or hailing a car from your ride-sharing app, you might be burning hundreds of dollars a month! Instead of spending $20 a ride, use Singapore’s well connected public transportation instead. 

Need an unlimited amount of rides on the MRT or buses? Just get the unlimited monthly pass for $128! Just want to tap and go and still save on your fare? Simply ride the MRT during off-peak timings (before 7.45am on weekdays) and you can save up to 50 cents a ride!

5. Skip The Studio Class – Learn Online For Free

Many of us love to keep fit and we do it by taking studio classes that offer everything from kick-boxing to yoga – but these costs will significantly add up over time. 

One great way to keep fit is to watch free Youtube online exercise classes, many of which are excellent quality that are taught by experts themselves. Best of all, you can gather all your friends in the comfort of your home and get fit together amidst fun and laughter!


6. Make Home DIY Beauty Fixes 

Whether it is a facial mask to get softer skin that glows or reduce those eye bags, you can always do it at home instead of spending thousands of dollars on packages at a spa. Not only do you save money, but you can also be guaranteed natural ingredients and have a relaxing beauty session right in the comfort of your home!

7. Reduce & Cut Away Any Unnecessary Subscriptions

We all love the subscription services that entertain us and just help make our lives more convenient – but that comes at a cost too! From Netflix to meal boxes and monthly curiosity fashion clothes delivery, it might be time to simplify your life and cut away subscriptions that you don’t really need. At the very least, share the cost with your friends and family!

tv subscriptions

8. Switch To An Electricity Retailer & Save On Your Monthly Bills

We all use electricity every day and with the full launch of Open Electricity Market, you can now switch to an electricity retailer of your choice from SP Services. But why? For savings of course! 

We are talking about consistently savings of 20-30% or more every single month off your electricity bill. Since you will be turning the lights on and blasting your aircon all night long, you might as well enjoy incredible savings at the same time!

Start Enjoying Savings With iSwitch Today!

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult and one of the quickest (and best) ways to start is by saving on your electricity bill! Depending on your household needs, there are a variety of plans you can choose from. 

Is your family on a fixed budget? Then the fixed price plan is a great option. Want guaranteed savings no matter what? Then opt for the discount-off-tariff plan! Learn more about our residential plans here.


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