Meter Reading – Understand How It Works

Meter Reading – Understand How It Works

If you are in charge of the house electricity bill you might have noticed that meter readings are done once every two months.

When you switch to iSwitch, there is no change in the meter and SP Services remain responsible. SP Services reads your meter once every two months and for the months that are not read, you are billed on an estimated consumption based on the previous months’ meter readings.

If there is an over or underestimated in the month that is estimated, there will be an adjustment in the following month when the meter is read.

This is the standard way in which SP Services and all electricity retailers operate.

For more information on how why your bill may seem high, click here.

During the Circuit Breaker  

However, during the Circuit Breaker period, SP Services meter readers did not visit your premises to record your utility usage. Which meant your bills were estimated for the months of April and May 2020, using the previous month’s meter reading taken before the start of Circuit Breaker.

SP Services resumed meter reading on 2nd June 2020 so when the actual readings are taken progressively for June and July, SP Services will adjust for the estimation during the Circuit Breaker months. The adjustment will likely be applied in the June/July bills. This may manifest in a higher bill amount for the June or July bill but rest assured this is the standard method of adjustment provided by SP Services which iSwitch uses as a basis to bill you. For more information please click here

Meter Reading During CB

To view your consumption recorded and managed by SP Group, you can register at SP Group’s OEM eServices portal.

For any queries on SP’s OEM eServices,

Please call: 1800-233 8000



Understanding your bill during the Circuit Breaker period

During the #CircuitBreaker period, our meter readers won’t be visiting your premises to record your utilities usage, in line with safe distancing measures. Here’s how your April, May and June bills could be like with estimated consumption.Want to be billed on your actual usage? Tap here to find out how to submit your own meter readings 👉🏼 #StayAtHome

Posted by SP Group on Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Submit Your Own Meter Readings 

Moving forward, if you want to be billed on your actual usage, you can submit your own meter readings via these channels:

 1) SP Utilities mobile app (

2) SP Utilities Portal (

3) Whatsapp (+65 8482 8636)

4) Email (

5) SP Customer Service Hotline (1800 2222 333 via the automated option)

Should you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to us via phone 6955 9900, or leave your details here and we will get back to you.  

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