Why iSwitch

We understand that as your company grows, your energy needs evolve . As Singapore’s electricity market opens itself to greater competition, it is time to consider if you are making the most cost-efficient choices when it comes to your electricity bill.

At iSwitch, we are committed to helping you save. With our competitive value plans, best payment terms in the market and our customer-first philosophy, you will pay less for electricity, benefit from a host of value-added services and still enjoy the same, reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid (known as SP Power Grid).


Value Plans

iSwitch Value Plans are competitively priced to help you maximise cost savings. View your options here.

Best Payment

Managing cash flow is important to your business, which is why we are proud to offer:

  • The lowest security deposit requirement in the market – Just 1 month of your bill amount
  • The longest payment terms in the market – 18 days from date of invoice

Such flexibility is unique to iSwitch because we have the strong support of our parent company the RCMA Group, an established player in the global commodity and energy sectors with an annual turnover in excess of US$1 billion. Get acquainted with us here.


Our team is ready to go the extra mile to ensure that you are well taken care of:

  • Pre-sales consultation and post-sales follow-up by your iSwitch account manager
  • Dedicated customer hotline:1800 505 9900
  • Simple, hassle-free process to help you switch and save right away

Switch and save now! Click here to request a follow-up.