Climate Change Policies – Yes or No?

Climate Change Policies – Yes or No?

Carbon exchanges, taxes and tariff subsidies have been used all over the world to incentivise investment in renewables and other greenhouse gas abatement projects. Yet, pricing in the cost of greenhouse gas emissions has led to regulatory uncertainty in developing and developed countries alike, as the politics overtake the policy imperatives.

On Wednesday 14th June, Women In Energy, Asia (WIEA) organised an event which brought together a panel of industry representatives and experts to lead a discussion on policy frameworks and how the difficulties facing investors and governments may be managed and overcome. The event: Climate change policies – Are they conducive to investment? The challenges for investors and governments, was proudly sponsored by leading international law firm, Simmons & Simmons.

WIEA started in 2014 and officially registered in early 2015 with the goal to provide female professionals of the energy sector an avenue to develop their industry network and nurture their careers through training, mentoring, role-modelling and professional development. They organise events on a regular basis throughout the year which provides the opportunity to hear a variety of innovative speakers, industry experts and panel discussions on a diverse range of energy related topics. This time, its event was attended by approximately 60 people, including iSwitch General Manager (Wholesale & Trading), Andrew Koscharsky.

Andrew Koscharsky, was honored to be invited as a speaker to discuss on international topics such as the chequered history of the Australian carbon schemes and its legislative goal posts, the government policy framework involved when making renewable asset investments. He also spoke on topics in Singapore, such as how the upcoming Singapore’s Carbon Tax will affect consumers, the possibility of companies using overseas credits to offset local carbon liabilities, and also on how Solar stacks up in Singapore against other Southeast Asian Markets.

‘‘The event discussed on great real life examples in other countries which provides insights on how to implement the Singapore’s Carbon Tax come 2019. The topics were very relevant for Singapore companies like iSwitch, electricity investors, and more so for the consumers because we discussed what to expect of the Carbon Tax structure – it is expected to uplift electricity and open up new aspects of the electricity markets that we have not experienced before, such as carbon trading and putting a higher focus on energy efficiency.’’Andrew Koscharsky, General Manager (Wholesale & Trading)

Other guest speakers at the event include:
Emily Spears, Environmental Products Originator, BP
Gilles Beau, CDO & Senior Wind Engineer, Blue Circle
Amanda Lees, Arbitration Lawyer and Of Counsel, Simmons & Simmons JWS
Cherine Fok, Senior Manager Sustainability Advisory and Assurance, KPMG